5 Google Chrome Alternatives You Can Try

You like Google Chrome to browse the web?

Well have you heard of other browsers maybe not that’s why I am writing this article. Here are the top 5 alternatives to Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge
Microsoft Edge

Wait don’t leave yet Microsoft’s got a new version of edge and it’s built on chromium. Chromium is the same web engine in Google Chrome now why does that matter it means that the site should render on the new edge like they do in Chrome. It’s kind of not to think about way back in the day Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was a newcomer against Netscape Navigator sites had to be coated in specific ways so they would show properly in either browser. I remember coding for these issues back when I was tinkering with my first sites in HTML. Anyway, the new edge has a new logo that reminds me of a tied pod for whatever reason so other than those things what makes edge an intriguing choice Microsoft included a tracking prevention feature by default that’s a good thing if you’re trying to organize your browsing Edge has a collections feature Microsoft showed a wish list as an example just add pages images or whatever to a collection you can even export that to excel here I’ve been making notes in a third-party program like a dummy and


this browser is also built on chromium it’s very customizable with plenty of themes lots of Chrome extensions work on it too more importantly there are some pretty cool sidebar tools you get a second pain for your bookmarks and option for notes history and even the ability to add a second site in a panel let’s say you always want Twitter up you can do that it is kind of similar to how i-pads handled multitasking let’s go to the crazier tools tabs can be grouped then you have the option to tile them so if you wanted to see a bunch of sites up at one time you could do that this could be very useful for comparison shopping no need to have multiple windows open Vivaldi can just tile them it’s a very cool power feature if you set up an account with Vivaldi you can even sync up your passwords now the faulty claims that it does not track or store any of your data


Gather round children this is the browser that originated speed dial pop-up blocking and even tabbed browsing the modern version of opera includes messaging tools on the left you can have either Facebook Messenger or whatsapp over there there’s also the my flow feature this is the place where you can connect the opera touch mobile browser to your desktop there’s no log-in necessary on top of that you’ve got a built in ad blocker and the ability to block trackers opera even has a free VPN that means third parties should have a more difficult time tracking you is it fast not really it’s a free yes


Let’s go to number two and that is Firefox also known as everyone’s old favourite before chrome came along after years and years of bloat Firefox is back to being lean trim and ready to go Firefox still has tons of add-ons so you can customise the heck out of it there’s the ability to watch videos while you browse with picture and picture it works with lots of sites including that scene s1 there’s a pretty cool privacy section if you click the shield’s to the left of the web address you can see a privacy report there you will see what trackers have been blocked if any you can also sign up for data breach alerts that report will also be emailed to you if you want

Brave Browser

The number one alternative to Chrome is the Brave browser. Why is this? By default, it blocks trackers ads and cookies that monitor your activity. If you are okay with viewing with brave calls privacy-respecting ads you will earn brave rewards the browser can set up a crypto wallet and will pay you for what ads it does display as a user you can choose to automatically contribute to content creators. If you want there’s also the ability to tip content creators in the rewards panel this is a very different approach to being online. If a site looks all crazy you have the option to block fewer things just click the lion icon and fiddle with the settings until the site looks right.

Did I mention that brave is vast like really fast brave claims some pages load up to 6 times faster in a demo they show how fast some sites called loads and brave it’s around 5 seconds, Chrome over 13 how about CNN brave loaded in under four seconds while chrome takes over 13 seconds how about private browsing mode it’s got a huge one if you want you can open a private window with the Tor network that means your data is bouncing between a chain of three different computers in the volunteer tor network your real IP address has hidden the trade-off for that level of privacy is speed?

Thankfully all of these browsers I mentioned are free try them all out nothing says that you have to use just one of them let me know which one is your favourite.

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