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HostingRaja Reviews Complete Details [2022]

HostingRaja Hosting Review

HostingRaja is an Indian company that specialises in affordable VPS and shared hosting. We will talk about HostingRaja Reviews in complete detail. It comes at an affordable price and has several remarkable WordPress features. It’s the finest, most dependable, and cheapest hosting you’ll find anywhere.

If you live in India, HostingRaja provides affordable hosting options. It is available in six different languages, including English, Tamil, Hinde, etc.

The reason to choose HostingRaja

HostingRaja offers affordable and reliable web hosting services. Whether you’re a small company owner, an entrepreneur, a novice, or a web developer, the solution that’s right for your business requirement is why they offer a free domain with premium plans to entice your clients to establish an internet-enabled business.

Additionally, they want to assist at least one million small companies in India to thrive by offering the finest internet services. They have hosted over 150,000 websites in India and provide the finest customer service. This places them as the number one web hosting service in India.

Hostingraja Reviews

To get started with reviews, one must consider the features which are being provided. Let’s see what is included in the Hostingraja plan.

Web Hosting for WordPress

HostingRaja‘s WordPress hosting plans provide a ‘loading time guarantee’ that is lightning quick. There is a category of ‘high priority assistance.’ And the minimum contract duration is one year.

hostingraja reviews

Before you commit to any years, you’ll want to understand what you’re receiving precisely – so let’s look at what else is included with HostingRaja’s plans.

Free SSL includes SSL.

HostingRaja does make a big deal in this by providing you with the cPanel interface and free SSL certificates. SSL protects the privacy of your visitors and provides an essential degree of protection by encrypting communication between the browser and the server.

SSL may also benefit your search engine ranking (SEO), so this is an excellent place to start. Additionally, I was relieved to learn that the certificate would automatically renew. That is one of the best things to consider.

Awesome Website Creator Interface

hostingraja wordpress setup

Despite the fact that my package information explicitly said that I would not get a site builder, there are really two. Along with Site Publisher, which is a very popular site builder on cPanel servers, there is another site builder called SitePad. Both of these programs provide a library of pre-designed templates as well as a drag-and-drop editor. SitePad is somewhat more user-friendly and includes a tutorial to assist you in getting started.

Backup Support

HostingRaja promises to provide monthly backups, which is a reasonable assertion. Personally, I would depend on them to offer this specialised service.

The good news is that manual backups are simple to make. Manual backups are a very common feature of cPanel, allowing you to make copies of your files, databases, or email forwarders.

This is not something I would use on a daily basis since it does not allow for easy file restoration. However, it is simple to use and is provided free of charge. You will just need sufficient space on your hard disc to keep your backups.

Installation with a single click

HostingRaja’s cPanel plans include Softaculous, enabling you to install various programs, including WordPress, quickly.

hosting raja cpanel

Choosing a Perfect Domain

This stage of the procedure is straightforward, and the domain selection is very typical. Use the first form if you own a domain. If you want to purchase one, utilise the second.

WordPress Installation

I utilised Softaculous for this, which simplified the procedure. All you have to do from the HostingRaja dashboard is go to the cPanel for the hosting account you want to install WordPress.

hostingraja site builder

Once you’ve located Softaculous and WordPress, all you have to do is click Install. After entering some basic information about your site, you’re ready to begin.

Maximum Performance

I created a simple website using HostingRaja to evaluate its performance. I’ve got some excellent news for you.

HostingRaja’s speed is excellent. On a Mumbai test server, loading times averaged 1.4 seconds, which is remarkable considering the data was not compressed properly. The whole load time was 2.5 seconds, which is acceptable. The uptime was close to 99 per cent, which is excellent for this low price.

Sucri Test Evaluation

HostingRaja also performed well in this test. Globally, a site loaded in 2.5 seconds on average. Sucuri monitors a website’s completely loaded time from several data centers across the globe, making this an outstanding achievement.


hostingraja review details uptime

HostingRaja gives an uptime of more than ~99%. At this price, it’s perfect, and one must try it.


You may pay for your hosting service with a credit/debit card, a bank transfer, or a UPI transaction. Additionally, some programs have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

hosting raja plan and price


If you are new to Blogging or Web creator, Hostingraja is a perfect place to start your online business. It becomes a great choice at such a low price and maximum performance. If you are looking to expand your business, or need more bandwidth, go with the premium plans of Hostingraja.

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