5 Best Online Free Tools to convert Youtube videos to mp4 iPhone

No doubt you might have liked a video on Youtube, and wished to download it on your device. Since youtube has updated its website to download videos for Premium subscription only, there is no suitable way to download youtube videos in mp4 format, HD, Full HD or 4K quality on iPhone.

Today at Digital Gyan, we will discuss the 5 Best Free Tools available online, which could help you to convert Youtube videos to mp4 format, and even other required formats like mp3, mkv, etc. With these tools, you can freely download any YouTube video in any required format or even. And these formats are supported for any kind of smartphone device and any Operating System like android, iOS, etc.

Why use Free Tools to convert YouTube videos

These free tools contain some script defined in their webpage which could capture Youtube links, and they ask you for the desired format before proceeding to download any video. These websites may show some advertisements or subscriptions with trials.

By downloading youtube videos and converting them to mp4, you can play at anytime offline or without the internet. Also one can put these converted Youtube videos as Instagram status or WhatsApp status. You may use these videos as a clip in making some memes and even post it on your Facebook feeds.

5 Best Free Tools to convert Youtube videos to mp4 format


If you are looking for a way to download a youtube video fast and without any effort then Y2Mate is the best online Free platform available. This website is really awesome, all you have to do is copy and paste the youtube URL video. After that, you will get multiple resolution videos available to download in mp4 format.

y2mate youtube video converter

The quickest way to convert and save your preferred YouTube videos for offline viewing is to use Y2Mate. Converted mp4 files will be kept permanently on your device’s storage. You may download YouTube videos in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolutions. Additionally, it is totally risk-free and free.

Y2Mate is really fast, and there is no waiting time or pop-up ads that are annoying. One should try this website for sure. You can even convert a YouTube video to mp3 format for free.


Another alternative to Y2Mate is OnlineVideoConverter (OVC). This is another fantastic tool available that could help you with YouTube MP4 videos. Not only that, you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram and any platform available out there for free.

If you want to download videos from Instagram or Facebook, use a PC or laptop. Right-click on the video to grab the video URL. Paste the link on OnlineVideoConverter and start your download.

Choose and download your favourite videos or whole audio playlists quickly, without restrictions, and using our supported browser platform. It is neither legal nor permitted to disseminate the video.


YT5s is another free online YouTube converter tool that could help you download the video. All you have to do is copy the URL of your YouTube video and paste the link into the yt5s website. After that, click on the Start button and proceed to download the video.


There might be a little delay while processing your YouTube video into MP4 format. Once done, you will receive a download link. You can use the YT5s website from any device, including a laptop, PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad.


On the website, you can convert Youtube videos to the highest-quality mp4 format without downloading any software and download them for free. This website could help you download Facebook videos too.


Even Instagram videos, TikTok, and other online platforms are available. You only need to copy the video URL link and download it securely. One can also choose 4K video quality.


Almost any audio or video URL may be recorded, converted, and downloaded using the free online media conversion tool Clip Converter. Now-supported services include Facebook Video, Vimeo, YouTube (HD, 720p, 1080p, 4K), and many more. Just give it a try! You may view your preferred YouTube videos on your PC, TV, or practically any other device while offline, thanks to this free and quick converter.

What are the features to look for while using a YouTube video converter?

While using any Online Youtube converter video, make sure that you get the desired resolution and format. Let’s say you need a video for Instagram; then the resolution should be customizable as per the smartphone requirement. If you have downloaded a YouTube video, you can convert it for free required format on the Canvas platform.

Also, look for a fast server that could host your downloadable file. If a server is slow, you might have to wait until the download of a YouTube converted video completes. If you are using the YouTube app, then there is a way to download YouTube video from the app.

Why save YouTube videos in MP4 format?

Mp4 format is generally supported across all devices. With mp4 format, you can transfer and play across various devices and even upload it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can easily share mp4 format video through Bluetooth and other connected devices.

Is it legal to download converted YouTube videos in mp4?

It’s not legal to download, convert, and reuse a YouTube video. One should have a copyright from the owner. If the video is under the open license CC, then you may reuse it. Otherwise, one should have a proper right to video usage, and this article is for information purposes only. One should comply with YouTube’s policy as well.

Is there any app that could download and convert YouTube videos?

Various apps could download YouTube videos and convert them into the desired format. These apps can be downloaded on your PC and installed. Once done, you can paste the link and download a YouTube video in converted format. The 4 best apps that one can download to convert YouTube videos are:

  • 4K Downloader
  • YTD Downloader
  • Snap Downloader
  • iTubeGo

Make sure to have an active internet connection while using these apps, as these applications will fetch the YouTube URL for downloading the video. After the download has been completed, these applications will convert the video to the desired format, by default, mp4. After that, you can use the video.

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