5 Free and Paid Alternatives to Corel Draw

Corel Draw has long been recognized as a powerhouse in the design industry, offering a range of powerful features, exceptional versatility, and a user-friendly interface.

However, the premium price tag associated with Corel Draw may not be practical for everyone, especially for aspiring designers, freelancers, and small businesses operating on a limited budget. Thankfully, there are several cost-effective alternatives available that provide comparable functionality without draining your finances.

In this blog post, we will explore 5 free and paid alternatives to Corel Draw that can help you unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.

Inkscape: The Open-source Powerhouse

When it comes to free vector graphics editors, Inkscape stands out as a prominent choice. As an open-source software, Inkscape offers a plethora of features that can rival Corel Draw in functionality. With its intuitive interface and a wide range of tools, Inkscape provides a strong foundation for creating stunning vector designs.

Some of Inkscape’s notable features include bezier curve drawing tools, shape manipulation, and text editing options. While it may lack some of the advanced features found in Corel Draw, Inkscape remains a reliable and powerful alternative for designers on a budget. Additionally, an active online community ensures that users have ample support and learning resources readily available.

Gravit Designer: A Web-based Gem

If you prefer a web-based design tool that doesn’t require any software installation, Gravit Designer might be the ideal choice for you. As a free vector design tool accessible through any modern web browser, Gravit Designer boasts a range of features that pack a punch.

With Gravit Designer, you can enjoy benefits such as multiple artboards for efficient multitasking, path editing capabilities, and convenient cloud storage options. Its cross-platform compatibility allows you to work seamlessly across different devices, and the collaborative design capabilities make it a great choice for teams.

However, it’s worth noting that some of the advanced features within Gravit Designer may require a paid subscription. Additionally, an internet connection is necessary to make the most out of this web-based tool.

Vectr: Simplified Designing Made Easy

Designed with beginner-friendly features, Vectr is an intuitive graphic design software that provides an accessible entry point into the world of design. Perfect for beginners or those who prefer a simplified approach, Vectr offers a range of tools and features that allow for easy creation and editing of vector graphics.

With Vectr’s simple and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly grasp the basics of design and start crafting stunning visuals. Real-time collaboration, grids for precise alignment, and layers for efficient organization are just a few of the features that make Vectr a great option. Additionally, Vectr enables effortless sharing and exporting of projects, ensuring seamless collaboration with clients or team members.

However, Vectr may lack some of the advanced features and tools that are found in Corel Draw. Furthermore, larger and more complex projects may encounter performance issues when using Vectr.

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Boxy SVG: The Icon Maker’s Delight

If your design focus centers around creating icons and logos, Boxy SVG might be the perfect tool for you. This browser-based vector design tool excels in crafting exceptional icons with precision and ease.

Unlike other alternatives, Boxy SVG requires no download or installation. You can access this user-friendly tool directly through your web browser. Boxy SVG offers clean SVG editing options, handy path operations, and a symbols library to aid in your icon creation process.

While Boxy SVG may not be as versatile for complex graphic design projects beyond icons, its niche focus caters specifically to icon creators. However, it is worth noting that the reliance on a web browser for its functionality may limit certain offline capabilities.

GIMP: More than Just Photo Editing

While GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is primarily known for its photo editing capabilities, it offers a wide range of functionalities that extend beyond traditional raster graphics editing. As a popular free and open-source software, GIMP serves as a viable alternative to Corel Draw for those on a budget.

Some of GIMP’s notable features include image retouching, color correction, and layer management. With a large user community and abundant online tutorials, there is no shortage of learning resources and support for newcomers to the GIMP software.

However, it is important to note that GIMP is primarily tailored for raster graphics editing and may not possess the extensive vector graphic capabilities found in Corel Draw. Additionally, the learning curve for GIMP may be steeper for those who are new to graphic design.


While Corel Draw undeniably remains a top choice for many professional designers, it’s essential to recognize that viable alternatives exist for those seeking a more affordable option. In this blog post, we have explored five budget-friendly alternatives: Inkscape, Gravit Designer, Vectr, Boxy SVG, and GIMP. Each of these tools offers a range of features, ease of use, and compatibility without the burden of a substantial financial investment.

Ultimately, the choice of the design software will depend on your specific requirements, preferences, and project scope. By evaluating your needs and experimenting with these alternatives, you can find a suitable design tool that supports your creative pursuits without compromising your financial resources. Embrace the possibilities that these affordable alternatives present and unleash your creativity without breaking the bank!

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