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  • choose career stream

    How to Choose Career Stream after High School in India

    Selecting an ideal career stream after high school can be a difficult and complex decision for many Indian students. With many available choices and the pressur

  • using ai in healthcare

    Potential Benefits and Risks of Using AI in Healthcare

    The use of AI in healthcare promises a multitude of benefits. One potential benefit is the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of medical data, which ca

  • chatgpt in education sector

    Perceived Implications of ChatGPT in the Education Sector

    In recent years, the education sector has seen a significant shift towards using technology to enhance learning. One such technological advancement that is gain

  • barriers to critical thinking

    7 Common Barriers to Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is a valuable skill that can help us navigate through complex situations and make better decisions. It involves analysing information, evaluat

  • challenges of international students

    5 Challenges International Students Face

    Studying abroad as an international student is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, there are many challenges that come with this new journey. From la

  • is space exploration a waste of money

    Is Money Spent on Space Exploration A Waste?

    Many countries in the 20th century were proud to claim space exploration successes. Several findings emerge from a cost-benefit study of space exploration, rais

  • online learning advantages and disadvantages

    What are The Benefits of Online Learning?

    Online learning is education with the aid of a personal device such as a computer and the internet; it is categorised as distance education. Technology has subs

  • data driven decision making

    What is Data-Driven Decision Making?

    Data-driven decision making is an approach to work that prioritizes business decisions that are comprehensively supported by complete, verified, and processed d

  • ielts vs pte

    Which one is easier: IELTS or PTE?

    An English language exam is frequently required for non-native English speakers who want to pursue further education or employment prospects in an English-speak

  • transition theory

    What is Schlossberg’s Transition Theory?

    Schlossberg’s Transition Theory is a framework that helps individuals and professionals understand and cope with various life transitions. The theory was

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