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5 shortcut tricks that can make your iPhone more powerful

If you’re an iPhone user, you know how much power and potential is packed into these little devices.

Your iPhone doesn’t need to be limited to a few basic features like calls, music, and text. If you’re looking for some shortcuts to make your iPhone more powerful, then read on.

We’ve covered five very effective tricks that can make your iPhone even more useful.

Ever wonder how to make your iPhone more powerful and cool? Well, if you know these shortcuts, then your iPhone can turn into a powerful beast.

From the name itself, ‘Shortcuts’ on iPhone can help in searching for several features without wasting your precious time.

Make your iPhone more powerful with these tricks

Here, we talk about the 5 best ways in which you can use the shortcuts app on the Apple iPhone; this will surely save your time.

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Creating a playlist from your Favourite Songs

You can build a playlist of the most heard track in your Music app using the ‘Make Top 25 Playlist’ option in Shortcuts. Auto-generate a playlist of what it considers are the best songs in your profile for this widget.

Turn on Do Not Disturb till you leave that place

Switch your phone into silent mode before you use the ‘DND Until I Leave’ option in Shortcuts to leave a venue. Instead of clicking through the Configuration menu, you can put your iPhone in DND mode all at once. The mode will be turned on with one tap on the feature before you actually exit the current spot.

A Quick Reminder or instant Shopping list

By using the Remind Me at Work feature in Shortcuts, you will get a reminder of those things when you reach a pre-selected office. So for example, if you set up your office in a grocery store and add your shopping list when it senses you in that area, the functionality would remind you of the things you need to purchase.

Send your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to someone

You can tell anyone when you hit a position at the click of a button in Shortcuts. The ‘Home ETA’ function basically takes your actual position, calculates how far you are from the pre-selected address, and calculates the time when that location is reached. This is then immediately communicated to the pre-selected touch. All in one single tap.

Search and share Gifs easily

You should use the ‘Scan GIPHY and Share’ functionality in Shortcuts if you’re one of those who talk a lot on WhatsApp or Messenger or some other instant messaging site. This helps you to enter the word easily, get the GIFs linked to it and post it directly on whatever site you want.

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