5 Best Free and Paid WordPress Themes for Yoga Websites

Yoga is growing increasingly popular worldwide, and many people are interested in starting their own yoga websites. Having the correct WordPress theme is vital if you want to develop a yoga website.

Fortunately, numerous free WordPress themes are available specifically built for yoga websites. You can use these themes in combination with a website builder to build your website.

This article will look at five of the finest free WordPress themes for yoga websites, so you can easily design your dream yogi website.

Kriya – Yoga WordPress Theme (Paid)

Kriya – Yoga theme is a flexible and all-inclusive solution for developing websites devoted to Yoga and Spiritual Wellness. It serves a vast array of entities, such as Yoga trainers, Meditation centres, Asana instructors, Physical & Mental wellness centres, Weight loss centres, Fitness centres, and Indian culture & Heritage development centres. The theme includes a variety of modules that enable you to highlight various facets of yoga practise and philosophy. With sections dedicated to Yoga Poses, you can demonstrate a variety of postures alongside their descriptions. The Yoga Trainer module allows you to emphasise your trainers’ qualifications and expertise.

Kriya provides ample room for spiritual elements in addition to the physical ones. Mantra sections allow you to share sacred mantras and their meanings, whereas the Yoga courses module enables you to present details about various classes or workshops. This makes the motif appropriate not only for modern yoga studios, but also for those that emphasise spiritual chakras, channelling, deity worship, dharma (path or duty), and enlightenment.

Kriya facilitates the creation of websites with a professional appearance by providing a variety of features tailored to the requirements of yoga practitioners and fans. Its aesthetics are sleek and contemporary, with a focus on the user experience. The user-friendly interface facilitates navigation for visitors seeking information or wishing to register for classes/workshops. Moreover, Kriya is optimised for functionality and SEO best practises. This assures quick loading times and greater visibility in search engine rankings, ultimately assisting in the attraction of more organic traffic.


One of the top WordPress themes for all kinds of companies is Astra. It includes several pre-made templates for yoga and fitness websites and dozens of startup sites for other types of enterprises.

Their one-click demo content importer may help you swiftly build your yoga website. The WordPress live customiser and drag-and-drop page builders like Visual Composer make it simple to modify the theme.

Yoku – Yoga Studio & Ayurveda WordPress

Yoku is a trendy and modern WordPress theme designed for yoga studios, fitness centres, and wellness retreats. Yoku provides a beautiful and functional website solution that helps you demonstrate your classes, services, and instructors in order to attract more customers.

An important characteristic of the Yoku theme is its extensive collection of predesigned templates. These professionally designed templates enable you to construct a stunning website with just a few clicks. Yoku has pre-designed layouts for highlighting your yoga classes, seminars, events, and instructor profiles.

Yoku includes an integrated class booking system that facilitates managing your schedule and accepting online reservations. Customers can view available classes and secure their prefered time slots directly from your website using this functionality.

Yoku provides integration with popular modules such as MailChimp and Instagram to enhance audience engagement. This allows you to effortlessly communicate with your clients via email marketing campaigns or by highlighting visual content on social media platforms.

The theme is highly modifiable, allowing you to tailor the appearance and feel of your website to your specific brand. You can create a website that reflects the ambience and values of your yoga studio or wellness centre by utilising simple customization options such as colour schemes, typeface styles, and layout variations.

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Blossom Studio

Blossom Studio is a powerful WordPress theme with a yoga studio-specific design. This theme’s delicate, feminine look is striking and ideal for wellness-related businesses. This theme has several informational parts that you may use to highlight all of your most fantastic yoga programmes.

This theme has been SEO-optimized to raise your search engine ranking. Its design is mobile-friendly and speed-optimised to provide users with a better experience.

With the help of the pre-built shop template included in Blossom Studio, a WooCommerce-compatible theme, you can quickly set up an online store. The LearnDash and Tutor LMS plugins are supported, which is the best part since it enables you to launch and market online courses straight from your website.


When choosing a WordPress theme for your yoga site, there are a few key things to look for. First, you want to ensure the theme is responsive, meaning it will look great on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. Secondly, you’ll want to choose a clean and minimal design theme, as yoga is all about relaxation and simplicity. Third, ensure the theme includes important features for yoga sites, such as a class schedule, an events calendar, and a gallery for photos and videos. Lastly, check to see if the theme is compatible with any plugins you might want to use, such as a membership plugin or an eCommerce plugin. By following these guidelines, you can be sure to find the perfect WordPress theme for your yoga site.

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