How to increase UPI Transaction Limit?

Are you looking for a way to increase the UPI transaction limit for your bank? Well, there is a limit set by the RBI, but your bank can increase it.

A digital payment system called UPI makes it possible to send money instantly between two accounts. UPI is a platform that unifies many banks under one roof and sends all customers’ bank accounts straight to their mobile phones.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) established the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is governed by the Reserve Bank of India to guarantee the security and safety of all transactions. There are UPI transaction restrictions established by the NPCI.

The NPCI established the UPI transaction cap. The UPI transaction limit is now INR 1 lakh. This indicates that you can send up to INR 1 lakh in a single UPI transaction.

How to increase UPI Transaction Limit? Is this possible?

Banks had the ability to set their own UPI transaction limitations within the NPCI cap. They can take this action to give their clients even greater security. As a result, some banks have used their power to reduce the UPI transaction cap for their clients.

As a result, different banks have different UPI transactional limitations. Depending on the bank, it might range from INR 10,000 to INR 1 lakh.

The maximum amount that may currently be transmitted in a 24-hour period is one lakh Indian rupees (INR). NPCI and the Indian government have established these UPI standards.

So even if you ask your bank, there is no chance of extending beyond this transaction limit set by RBI. The bank staff will reject your request to increase UPI Transaction Limit.

Additionally, the bank must apply the limit it sets to all of its customers; thus, you must have the highest limit offered to the bank’s other clients.

limits imposed in upi. this is the way to increase upi transaction limit

However, you may transfer more than one lakh using your bank account by utilising NEFT or RTGS. To complete transactions worth more than 1 lakh, you can use the Internet or mobile banking services.

If Bank has set a limit of Rs 50,000, then you may ask through Customer Care to increase the limit up to RBI guidelines. However, for safety and security purposes, banks might be restricted. This is the only way to increase UPI Transaction Limit for your Bank.

Given below is the Limit that Bank might impose. However, you can request them anytime to increase the limit, but this also is limited to RBI Guidelines.

BankSingle Transaction LimitLimit/per day
State Bank of IndiaINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
HDFC BankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
ICICI BankINR 10,000INR 10,000
Andhra BankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
Axis BankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
Canara BankINR 10,000INR 25,000
Dena BankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
CitibankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
City Union BankINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh
Bank of BarodaINR 25,000INR 1 Lakh
Bank of IndiaINR 10,000INR 1 Lakh
Central Bank of IndiaINR 25,000INR 50,000
Bank of MaharashtraINR 1 LakhINR 1 Lakh

The maximum number of UPI transactions you may do in a single day is normally 20. This cap differs across banks. The UPI transaction limitations are subject to periodic revision. For instance, most reputable banks have eliminated the daily and weekly UPI transaction caps.

The UPI limit cannot be raised or altered in any way by the consumer. The government has harmonised the UPI restrictions, as we noted before. As a result, the UPI limit per day is not at the discretion of certain individuals. The NPCI has demanded that all UPI app users follow the UPI daily restriction policies.

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