What is penetration testing? Advanced Penetration Testing

Penetration testing allows the business to understand if the mitigation strategies employed are actually working as expected; it essentially takes the guesswork out of the equation. The penetration tester will be expected to emulate the actions that an attacker would attempt and will be challenged with proving that they were able to compromise the critical systems targeted. Hence, it takes an ethical hacking approach.

The most successful penetration tests result in the penetration tester being able to prove without a doubt that the vulnerabilities that are found will lead to a significant loss of revenue unless properly addressed. Think of the impact that you would have if you could prove to the client that practically anyone in the world has easy access to their most confidential information!

Penetration testing requires a higher skill level than is needed for vulnerability analysis. This generally means that the price of a penetration test will be much higher than that of vulnerability analysis. If you are unable to penetrate the network you will be ensuring your clientele that their systems are secure to the best of your knowledge. If you want to be able to sleep soundly at night, I recommend that you go above and beyond in verifying the security of your clients.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Some environment will be more secure than others. You will be faced with environments that use:

• Effective patch management procedures

• Managed system configuration hardening policies

• Multi-layered DMZ’s

• Centralized security log management

• Host-based security controls

• Network intrusion detection or prevention systems

• Wireless intrusion detection or prevention systems

• Web application intrusion detection or prevention systems

Effective use of these controls increases the difficulty level of a penetration test significantly. Clients net to have complete confidence that these security mechanisms and procedures are able to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their systems. They also need to understand that at times the reason an attacker is able to compromise a system is due to configuration errors, or poorly designed IT architecture.

Note that there is no such thing as a panacea in security. As penetration testers, it is our duty to look at all angles of the problem and make the client aware of anything that allows an attacker to adversely affect their business.

Advanced penetration testing goes above and beyond standard penetration testing by taking advantage of the latest security research and exploitation methods available. The goal should be to prove that sensitive data and systems are protected even from a targeted attack and if that is not the case, to ensure that the client is provided with the proper instruction on what needs to be changed to make it so.

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