What is the MAC address of the Computer or Smartphone?

MAC address

This MAC address is a unique identifier that identifies the network interface that the device is attached. The physical address assigned to the adapter is called the Media Access Control (MAC) address and is used by every other piece of equipment in the network to communicate with the device.

It is a number that acts as a name for a particular network adapter, so, for example, the network cards (or built-in network adapters) in two different computers will have different names or MAC addresses, as would an Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter in the same machine, and as would multiple network cards in a router.

The MAC address is a 16-bit number, but it can have a much larger number of variations. The actual value assigned to the MAC address of a device is determined by the manufacturer. However, it is also possible to have the same MAC address on multiple devices or to use a device that has the same MAC address.

However, it is possible to change the MAC address on most of today’s hardware, often referred to as MAC spoofing. Short for Media Access Control address, a hardware address that uniquely identifies each node of a network.

In IEEE 802 networks, the Data Link Control (DLC) layer of the OSI Reference Model is divided into two sublayers: the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer and the Media Access Control (MAC) layer.

The MAC layer interfaces directly with the network medium. Consequently, each different type of network medium requires a separate MAC layer.


The MAC address is the unique hardware identifier of a device on a network. In general, a computer or smartphone is assigned a unique MAC address when you plug it in. But there are also special MAC addresses that are assigned automatically, for example when computer boots, or when it receives an IP address, or when it connects to a network or a wireless network, or when it changes its IP address.

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