What is Link Juice Concept in SEO

What is link juice and how to use it for SEO

The historical context provided before in Google’s history will assist you in understanding the idea of link juice better. When Google ranks your website based on the quality of your links and content, it is basically granting your website a certain degree of authority. This authority is primarily determined by your PageRank2, which is calculated on a scale from one to 10. (in whole numbers). Your PageRank rises in direct proportion to the authority of your website.

How to protect link juice draining

As your PageRank rises in the rankings, it becomes increasingly critical to safeguarding it. One method of depleting your website’s link authority (link juice) is to link from your website to another website that is unrelated to yours in any manner. If your outbound links are excessive or do not link to relevant material, the effect is that your website’s authority is being drained away from it. Draining link juice is the technical term for this. When link juice is sent along to your website from a high-PageRank website with relevant content, the inverse occurs: your website receives more traffic.

The most popular way to prevent link juice from being drained is to include a piece of code on your links that instructs search engines “not to follow the link,” resulting in no link juice being drained from your website. A no-follow tag is used in this situation.

The important thing to remember is that by including no-follow tags in your outbound links, you can prevent your website from losing vital link juice. Please be aware that the recipient of your link will not benefit from your link in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). The purpose of using a no-follow tag is to inform search engines that this link does not have any SEO significance. It has no influence on the visitor’s ability to click on the link that takes them to the final destination website. In other words, everything takes place entirely behind the scenes and is completely transparent to website visitors.

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