What is Change Management

Change Management – Meaning

Change management is a universal concept. In this changing world of ours, the only thing that is permanent is ‘change’. Management keeps trying on a continuous basis to cope with this change in the environment in which the organisation operates.

As change is ubiquitous and inevitable, the management of change is essential for organisational development (OD) because any organisation, to be successful, should adapt itself to the changing environment. In the absence of effective adoption of the change, there is a probability of stagnation, complacency, inefficiencies and decline.

change management explained

In managing the change, the first step is to plan the change for which an analysis of the existing organisational mechanism is pre-requisite. The key elements which force an organisation to change are people, technology, competition, social trends.

Managing Resistance to Change

Although, the change is carried out with a positive mindset from the management of the organisation, yet some of the stakeholders may not like the idea of change and oppose such moves. It happens due to some perceived risks which might affect their job status, position etc. For example, if the management of a company wants to increase the level of automation and computerised system, some employees may be afraid to lose jobs. The management needs to win the confidence of all stakeholders before taking any big step.

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