What is a Pingback and Should I Approve It?

A pingback is a method used by websites to notify other websites when they link to their content. When a website links to another website using a hyperlink, the linked website receives a notification or signal called a pingback. Pingbacks are often used by bloggers and other content creators to track and manage the links to their content across the web.

How Does Pingback Work?

The process of creating a pingback begins when a blogger or webmaster creates a hyperlink to another website’s content. The hyperlink includes a special HTML tag called a pingback URL, which tells the linked website that a pingback has been created. The pingback URL is typically located in the code of the linked webpage and is generated automatically by the content management system (CMS) used by the website.

Once the pingback URL is activated, the linked website receives a pingback notification. The pingback notification includes information such as the title of the post or page that contains the hyperlink, the URL of the page that contains the hyperlink, and the URL of the linked content. The linked website then has the option to display the pingback notification on its own page, usually in the form of a comment or trackback.

Benefits and Harms of Pingback

Pingbacks are useful for bloggers and webmasters because they provide a way to track the links to their content and monitor the popularity of their posts. They also help to build relationships between websites by creating a network of links and allowing content creators to connect with each other.

However, pingbacks can also be abused by spammers who use them to generate fake traffic or to create links to their own content. To prevent this, many websites have implemented measures to filter or block pingbacks from suspicious or low-quality sources.


If, after reading this, you still don’t understand what the ping is all about, don’t worry. When you see the word ‘ping’ think ‘link’. Do you want to link back to the person linking to you? Approve those, and you can safely ignore everything else.

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