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What is Web Filtering? Why Use it?

What is Web Filtering?

Blocking access to undesirable websites and materials is referred to as web filtering, content filtering, or information filtering.

Today, several software programmes exist that filter internet requests before redirecting you to the website. This internet filtering is primarily used within businesses, corporations, schools, and parents at home, and it is all legitimate.

There are approximately 4.2 million active pornographic websites on the World Wide Web today and numerous immoral websites that promote aggressive behaviour and include harmful material. This material is objectionable to youngsters, and many work hours are wasted daily due to workers visiting such websites.

The Internet has opened up a whole new world for corporations, enabling an extra contact channel through email and significantly boosting their consumer base via corporate websites. It developed a completely new marketing method. However, as the Internet expanded in popularity, firms found new obstacles.

Top Reasons to Use Web Filtering

Spam emails and viruses were a big nuisance, and then it was found that over 52 per cent of companies reported employee Internet usage. Do not fear, though, since all of this can be prevented with a simple piece of computer software.

Web filtering analyses a website’s pages for objectionable, pornographic, or harmful material. Each website request is checked on a computer equipped with web filtering before sending it to its intended destination. If, however, the website you are attempting to visit contains obscene, pornographic, or harmful material, you will be denied access.

With web filtering material, you get control over the content that your workers or children may access. A decent management system will also show a record detailing which websites users attempted to visit and if they tried to download any material, another issue you can avoid by using web blocking software.

Online filtering software can also be used to stop people from downloading movies, apps, and music. By blocking downloads and certain websites, you can ensure bandwidth isn’t wasted, free up your IT systems, and protect users from potentially offensive content. Obviously, this also means that all the time employees waste browsing the Internet for personal reasons can now be used more effectively.

Utilising web filtering software does not affect the speed or efficiency of your Internet connection since you will see no change inside it. Additionally, your web filtering software will be enabled immediately whenever you connect to the Internet, providing you with continuous prevention against indecent, pornographic, or harmful material.

If your company has suffered from ongoing Internet abuse or your bandwidth has been consumed by downloading music, movies, and apps, web filtering software may be the solution you’ve been searching for.


There are a number of reasons why you should use web filtering. First, it can help to protect your computer from malware and other threats. By blocking access to sites that are known to distribute malware, you can help to keep your computer safe.

Second, web filtering can help to improve your browsing experience. By blocking access to sites that are known to be slow or unreliable, you can browse the web more smoothly.

Third, web filtering can help to protect your privacy. By blocking access to sites that track your browsing activity, you can help to prevent advertisers and other third parties from collecting your data.

Overall, web filtering can provide a number of benefits. By protecting your computer from malware, improving your browsing experience, and protecting your privacy, web filtering can help you to get the most out of the web.

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