Telegram Stickers not showing on Device [100% Fix]

Telegram stickers not showing on my Phone, after an update/upgrade. How to fix the Telegram Sticker Loading issue. It keeps loading. Well if you are facing such an issue, then you have arrived at the correct page. Today we will see how to fix the Telegram Stickers issue.

You wanted to add a  funny sticker to your Telegram discussion to make it more engaging. So you go into the emoji bar and select the sticker. Then, in the sticker area, choose a cool-looking animated sticker and place it there. However, when you tried to transmit the sticker to someone, your Telegram Animated stickers stopped working. It just displays a static blurry image with the words “AnimatedSticker.tgs” on occasion.

One reason behind Telegram stickers not showing is using an apk version of Telegram or an older version of the programme is a common cause for animated stickers not functioning on Telegram. Other than that, there might be other internal causes originating from the device or app. Check for the latest telegram version on Play Store or Apple Store.

telegram stickers are not loading
Bubo The Scarf Cat Telegram Sticker

Try these simple Fix, to add Telegram Stickers back to your device. To receive the best results, please be sure to read the entire article.

How to Add New Sticker in Telegram?

Before we go into issue Telegram stickers not showing, it’s necessary to understand how to add Telegram Stickers correctly. Are you following the correct procedure?

We’ve all made mistakes where we didn’t follow the obvious procedures and ended ourselves in trouble.
Sending stickers on Telegram is a simple operation that can be completed in under two minutes.

Simply download the Telegram app and sign up for a new Telegram account. After that, proceed with the steps below.

Use your Telegram login credentials to access your account after downloading the Telegram app on your device.

Now, go to the particular chat window where you wish to send or add a Telegram sticker and open it. You can also use any chat area just for testing purposes.

Once you’re in the conversation, tap the smiling emoji symbol in the left bottom corner.

telegram stickers not showing on device

How to fix Telegram stickers not showing issue?

Fix 1) Check your Internet/ Wi-Fi Connection

Do you have a shaky internet connection? Is it not stable when you download something? If this is the case, your sticker will not be correctly loaded. Furthermore, you will have difficulty using other Telegram functions, such as sending voice messages, downloading movies, storing films to your gallery, and so forth.

While using the app on your smartphone, you must have a decent internet connection. Try to check your Wi-Fi router working properly, or Data pack. You can reconnect your device to the Internet. Telegram stickers not showing before might show some blueprint.

Fix 2) Close Telegram Application and Restart

When an app does not load properly, it might cause the system to malfunction. As a result, it may have an impact on certain of the app’s functions. As a result, try closing and reopening the Telegram client. Check your stickers after that.

Fix 3) Update Telegram Application

It is vital to stay up to date with the current version of the app in order to benefit from improved features and to try something new. If you update your app, you might be able to try out some new features. This also aids in the resolution of the Telegram Animated sticker not loading issue. That’s because a fresh update may have rendered the prior version of the sticker unusable. As a result, update your Telegram client to see if the issue has been resolved.

How to update Telegram App in Android

To upgrade the Telegram app on an Android smartphone, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • From the upper left corner, tap on three horizontal lines.
  • Select My Apps & Games from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate Telegram in the Updated area and, if necessary, upgrade the app.

How to update Telegram App in IOS/ IPad

To easily update the Telegram app on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps.

  • Start by going to the App Store.
  • From the bottom, tap on Today.
  • Now, go to the top column and press on your Profile.
  • Check for Telegram Update in the Available Updates section.
  • If there is one, choose Update. If you wish to update all of your applications at once, select Update All.

Fix 4) Restart your Mobile

One of the common fixes you can try is restarting your Phone. Sometimes, applications leave residue or temporary data/ cache in memory. Which could block the fresh loading of New Animated Stickers. After restart, your mobile creates a new allocation in memory. Hence, one must try to restart your device, and be sure to be connected to the Internet. Your Telegram stickers not showing, might get fixed

Fix 5) Re-install Telegram Application

If there is an issue with the programme itself, such as a bug that causes it to malfunction, you have no choice except to reinstall it.

This will delete all of your current data, including chat messages, videos, and photos. So, only use this strategy if all of the other choices have failed.

Fix 6) Check for Free Space in Mobile Storage

If your Device storage is Full, then Telegram cannot add new Stickers. One must free some space in your Android/IOS device. If you are using lots of Animated Stickers, try to remove some, which you don’t use.

Note: Animated stickers take more space than normal stickers. Make sure to have at least 500 MB to 1 GB of free space in your mobile device.

telegram stickers are not loading

After trying all the above steps, Your animated stickers are back to be working fine.

How to add your Own stickers in Telegram?

Yes, you may customise Telegram with your own stickers. You may either obtain them from the internet or make your own. Simply give your image to the Telegram bot and leave the rest to it to make your own Telegram stickers. Telegram Bot may be used to make a sticker pack.

Are Telegram Stickers Free to use?

Animated Stickers are similar to Gifs in that they move a static image. They are, however, in standard sticker format.


Finally, animated stickers bring your chat messages to life with moving, amusing characters. So, if your Telegram stickers not showing, you can try the ways listed above. It will assist you in resolving your Telegram sticker issue.
Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments area.

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