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Netflix Introduces ‘Add a Home’ Plan to Charge for Shared Accounts

Netflix is boosting its efforts to charge users for sharing accounts as it seeks new revenue streams following years of explosive growth.

Netflix has revealed that it is experimenting with a new method of password sharing in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.


Second Home Plan – Netflix

To add a “second home” to their accounts, the streaming service will charge members in five central and south American nations an additional $2.99 per month.

And it warned that the crackdown on password sharing would be global in scope.

The most recent statement was made prior to Tuesday’s expected outcome.

The business reported its first subscriber decline in almost a decade earlier this year. The company is scheduled to release an update on its members’ financial results, in which a decline in subscribers is anticipated to have increased.

It is a dramatic turnaround for a firm that seemed to experience unstoppable development for years as it revolutionised how people consume entertainment worldwide, upending the old television and movie theatre industries.

New Pricing – Home Plan

The Basic plan allows members to add one extra home; the Standard plan allows up to two more homes; and the Premium plan allows up to three additional homes. Users can view it from outside the home on their mobile devices, laptops, or tablets.

Does Netflix’s newly implemented policy also apply to users in India?

As was just indicated, Netflix intends to put a stop to the practice of sharing passwords, which is something that is already being done in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. This does not necessarily mean that the new policy of charging extra fees to customers will not be implemented in other nations, including India.

The corporation is only doing trials of this in a few locations to better understand how well it will work for them before expanding it to more nations. There is no information available as of this moment on when exactly this policy will be implemented in India. Therefore, Indian consumers may stop worrying for the time being. Watching Live TV

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