Is Technology Good or Bad ?

The best answer for this could be, “Look around yourself and ask what do you see ? ”. Your most probably see that everything built is due to the boon of Technology. But there are various negative effects of technology too. It is said that “Technology solves a problem, but it rises another problem.”

If considering the Positive points then, they are related to the Technologies in Communication, Camera, Cellphones, microwaves, Medical Technology, whereas Negative points are related to End of the world, Can be out of Control, Destruction, Negative effect on Child education and communication.

is technology good or bad

Some of the good effect of technologies are


   With the massive boom of internet, telecommunication and network. We can now communicate with anyone and anytime around the globe. The smart-phones is a boon for large distance communication.

Medical Technology

 Advance machines, high capable medicine and scientific technologies have now enabled us to cure deadly diseases like Chemotherapy that helps in curing cancer. Medicines help in making the immune system stronger and faster recovery, all this is due to advancement in Medical Technology.

Some of the bad effect of technologies are:

Sleep Problems

   According to a report at National Sleep Foundation, 90 percent people uses smart-phones before going to bed, which causes physiologically bad affect to health. A study shows that exposure to blue light before going to sleep suppress melatonin and interrupt circadian clock, which can make less alert in morning.

Eye Strain

   Using computer, smart-phones, cellphones and tablets can cause digital eye strain issues which are related to blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain. It can also result in improper viewing distance.

Emotional Problems

A recent study shows that more than 1,700 people between 19 and 32 ages, who use social media more frequently, were more isolated as compared to others. It also leads to depression problems.

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