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How to Port Your Indian Mobile Number to BSNL

If you are searching for how to port Airtel to BSNL, or how do I port my Vodafone-Idea number to BSNL, you have come at the right place.

Nowadays, the trend of having multiple smartphones is increasing. At the same time, telecom operators are also constantly increasing data prices. So, the most feasible solution is to spend less amount on the secondary number because your main purpose is to retain that number. You never make a call or send an SMS from that secondary number. Is there a solution to this problem and avoiding high recharge prices? The answer is yes! BSNL is the solution.

BSNL is one of the oldest and most trusted telecom companies in India. It offers a wide range of mobile services at very affordable rates. Porting your Indian mobile number to BSNL is a great way to save money on your mobile bill.

BSNL offers a variety of mobile plans that can suit your needs and budget. Whether you are a heavy mobile user or just need a basic plan, BSNL has something to offer. BSNL also has a wide network coverage so you can always stay connected. You already know how costlier plans have become from other telecom vendors such as Airtel and Vodafone-Idea. Jio used to be the best, but gradually, their plans are also becoming costlier. In comparison to recharge plans and the validity of these private telecom operators, BSNL still offers long-duration and cheap plans at very affordable prices.

Sometimes, the services of BSNL may not be good enough, and we all know that. Still, it is the best way to retain the secondary numbers that you rarely use. There is no point to pay Rs. 250 per month just to retain a number and another recharge for your main number. At least you can try porting your secondary number to BSNL and save some amount every month.

Porting your mobile number to BSNL is easy and hassle-free. Just follow the simple steps, and you will be able to enjoy the great benefits of BSNL mobile services.

Porting to BSNL from Airtel

In order to port any Indian mobile number from Jio, Airtel, or Vi to BSNL, you need to follow the given steps. For the sake of clarity, let’s assume we are porting from Airtel to BSNL.

The first step to port Airtel from BSNL is to obtain a Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS to 1900 in the format ‘Port Space 10 digit mobile number” (eg and send it to 1900) in case of J&K pre-paid mobile subscriber to get UPC – call 1900 instead of sending SMS.

UPC allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of fifteen days from the date of the request or such time till the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licensed areas the validity for the UPC shall be for a period of thirty days from the date of the requestor till such time the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, irrespective of the number of requests the subscriber makes.

You have to visit the BSNL CSC (Customer Service Centre) / Authorised franchisee/retailer to request for porting of your mobile number. Fill in a CAF (Customer Application Form) and pay the porting fees for processing. (Presently BSNL is not charging any fees for porting into BSNL).

You will be issued a new BSNL SIM card.

Upon approval of the porting request, BSNL will inform you of the date and time of porting.

You are required to change your SIM card at the said time. In case of a problem, you need to contact the Toll-free number 1800-180-1503 or 1503.

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