How to Fix Android Apps Crashing on Your Device? [100% Fix]

Is your App crashing while opening? Looking on How to Fix Android Apps Crashing on Your Android Phone? Well, there are a few easy steps you can try.

The Google Play store’s practically infinite selection of apps is the finest feature of owning a contemporary smartphone. However, having a lot of applications on your phone comes with a drawback:

If you frequently run across unreliable apps, using your phone may become challenging or annoying. There are a few things you may attempt to fix the issue if this is occurring to you.

The best course of action is to try to diagnose the issue, starting with the simplest and most easy repairs first because there are numerous potential causes of Android app crashes.

fix android apps crashing

Reason behind Android App Crashing

There are several reasons why apps on your Android device could constantly crash, but there are a few more typical ones.

  • The app is incompatible with your Android version.
  • The app’s installed version on your device is outdated.
  • The network connection you are now connected to is insufficient for the app.
  • The amount of system memory available to the programme prevents it from running since your device is out of storage space.

You can attempt a few different things to resolve each of these problems.

How to Fix Android Apps Crashing on Your Device?

Many people think that when applications fail, it’s either due to a software flaw or a device compatibility issue. Since there are several potential causes for an Android app to constantly crash, try the troubleshooting advice listed below before giving up.

Check the Google Play website for the app to see what version of Android is supported before you begin troubleshooting. The minimum Android OS version required to operate the app is often indicated below at the bottom under “Requires Android.”

Let’s look at these methods to Fix Android Apps Crashing on your phone. Here are 10 Fixes you can try to Fix Android Apps Crashing:

Restart your Phone

The majority of problems, including app crashes, are resolved by this surprisingly straightforward fix. This occurs frequently because the browser and app caching over time might cause your Android’s RAM to become full.

These can consume a significant amount of memory when the phone has been on for a while. Your device will release memory and clean all caches when you restart it.

Verify your Internet Connection

Some applications need greater internet capacity and can’t function properly on cellular internet. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your Android device and test the app when your home network has a reliable internet connection.

Update the Application which is Crashing

You may set Google Play to update all applications on your phone automatically, or you can manually update the app that’s giving you trouble. While you’re at it, check sure your Android OS is up to date with any applicable patches.

software update

Update Your Google Play Services

A fundamental feature of the Android OS, this background app makes sure that apps are functioning properly. Apps may crash if this background service is malfunctioning or out of date.

Force App to stop

On your Android smartphone, an app may occasionally fail to fully close even after you believe you have done so and continue to operate in the background. When this happens, the programme may occasionally simply crash when you try to reopen it.

If this resolves your problem, make sure you are familiar with how to properly close apps on an Android smartphone.

force stop

Another option for forcing an app to close is to restart your Android device, although the programme may automatically reopen after that. Following this procedure to ensure that the app is truly terminated is a good idea.

Clear App Data and Clear Cache

A programme continually adds data to a cache as you use it to boost speed. This data may occasionally become faulty, which may lead to an app crash. This cache can occasionally be manually cleared to remedy problems. If this doesn’t work, you may need to choose Wipe Cache Partition when your Android enters recovery mode in order to completely wipe the system cache.

When entering Android recovery mode, be cautious to make the correct choices because doing so might brick (i.e. render your Android smartphone inoperable) your device.

Check for App Permissions

It’s conceivable that the app permissions on your Android device were reset to default if your app was recently updated. Anything from unexpected behaviour to the app completely stopping may result from this. Make that this app has all of the necessary rights by returning to the app’s permissions menu. If you’re unsure of which rights are necessary, grant the app all access to see if that helps.

Free some Storage Space

If all other attempts to fix the issue have failed, it’s likely that your Android device no longer has enough capacity to allow the programme to function correctly. You may free up space in a number of ways to make the app functional once again.

To delete unneeded files, try using Android Storage Manager. Delete downloaded files from the past that can be taking up too much space. Try copying large files, such as movies or images, to an SD card. There are several excellent Android cleanup applications as well, which help clear up space.

Reinstall App from Play Store

If all else fails, the software itself may contain damaged files that prevent it from operating correctly. Try removing and reinstalling the application. You might need to locate and install the APK for the programme if you can’t find it on the Google Play store anymore (if it was an older app that was deleted).

Do a Factory Reset

You may always choose to factory reset your Android phone if you’re positive the app should operate just fine on your version of Android and you’re anxious to get the app running again.

factory reset

Use this as a very last choice because you’ll need to create a complete Android backup in order to avoid losing crucial data and contacts. You can think about looking for a different app that accomplishes the same task but runs correctly on your phone as a substitute.


You now have it. Our troubleshooting advice for resolving Android app crashes. Ideally, these tested methods were beneficial and your Android smartphone is operating without any more issues.

However, if you have discovered any other solutions to this issue or have any useful advice for us, please let us know in the comment area below. We’d be happy to include it on our list.

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