How to Fix 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code?

After a long workday, I might think to relax and start playing Xbox. But soon, I get a nice error message 0x87e11838. Wait, What does this Xbox error code 0x87e11838 mean?

Why am I getting this?

Don’t worry. Today, I will post a working solution, which one can try and rectify the error. Just follow the method described below.

What is 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code?

Recently, after an update from Microsoft. People might be facing some error code. This might be due to different settings or consoles, pirated versions, license expired or Internet not working.

This 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code basically represents a hexadecimal memory error, which may have occurred due to the above reasons. There might be some issue while syncing up your Game Data on a Local device.

One of the most widely used gaming consoles worldwide is the Xbox. To quickly solve Xbox Error Code 0x87e11838, follow this procedure. Xbox has a glaring disadvantage over devices like PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. When it comes to its competition, the Xbox has been toe to toe with them.

fix 0x87e11838 xbox error code
How to Fix 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code? 1

Additionally, Xbox players now have access to a vast library of games that can be played on any device and anywhere, thanks to the introduction of Gamepass and Xcloud.

Sometimes, Xbox drivers may malfunction, and one might see this error code.

How to Fix 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code?

To fix the 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code, follow the method described below. If you still have some doubts, feel free to comment down below.

Check Wires and Cables in Xbox

First thing first, one must ensure that your Xbox is connected properly. No wire cut, twist, bend or unplugged. Make sure your device is connected to Internet Properly.

Also, make sure that your Controllers are Charged UP and connected to the TV properly.

Power Up again or Restart Xbox – REPEAT THIS

One should make sure that there is no faulty or corrupt memory stuck in Xbox. Make sure to restart Xbox and shut it down. Do this at least 1 or 2 times.

Sometimes due to fluctuations in Power, Alternating Currents could hang up the memory, so it’s better to restart them.

Again Check your Internet Connection and verify that it’s working.

Go to Settings > General > Network settings > Test network speed & statistics.

check network speed to fix 0x87e11838 xbox error code
How to Fix 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code? 2

Verify if Microsoft Xbox Server hasn’t CRASHED

In this fast world, sometimes an update could cause the server to crash. Recently, Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp servers crashed! Even Youtube.

Make sure to visit Microsoft Xbox Official Website, and verify if there is no Server Downtime.

Clear Xbox Local Cache or Reinstall Application

To clear the local cache on Xbox, first, unplug the power cable and then hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds on the console. After the console shuts down, press the button again to restart.

Wait for 5 minutes, plug in the power cord and wait for the device to TURN ON.

Submit an issue to Xbox Community

To open the instructions, first press and hold the Xbox button on your controller.

Select “Report a Problem” and then “Report new Problem” when the user guide is launched.

Select Submit after following the directions on the screen.

Try Deleting the Locally Saved Data

There might be some corrupt data that have been stored in your Save Game Data. It’s better to delete such data to resolve the 0x87e11838 Xbox Error Code Completely.

Go to Profile & system > Settings > System > Storage. Delete it and launch the game again.

Use Another Xbox Account

You won’t be able to play or launch a game if you have purchased it from a different profile or account but are logged into Xbox with the same account.

This is likely why you are seeing the 0x87e11838 Xbox error while opening a certain game. You must therefore log into your Xbox console using the account that you used to buy the game in this instance.

Alternatively, if a friend or family member has already purchased the game, you may designate your Xbox system as that person’s home Xbox in order to play it. To do this, take these actions:

  • Log into your Xbox using the owner account.
  • To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Click the My home Xbox section
  • My home Xbox > Profile & system > Settings > General > Personalization
  • Choose this option Make this my home Xbox from the menu.

Check Forum Page

If you are still facing some issues, Checkout Xbox Forum Page.


0x87e11838 Xbox Error is a common error code. One can get rid of it by trying the above methods. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below. Keep Visiting DigitalGyan.

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