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How to export Twitter Followers in excel? [100% Working New]

Export Twitter Followers in Excel

Do you want to keep track of all your followers in an excel sheet? Are you looking for a way to export Twitter followers to Excel?

Well, you have arrived at the correct place. Today, we will discuss a few easy steps to do so.

Carpal tunnel from repetitive scrolling and copying should not be a factor when exporting Twitter followers. Do you want a complete list of all your Twitter followers? What about their current location, most recent tweets, and level of influence? It is possible to get a list of your Twitter followers, whether you have 100 or ten million.

Because Twitter does not support native exporting of following lists for any public Twitter accounts, the process of exporting Twitter following lists becomes laborious and time-consuming.

How can I simply export a Twitter account’s following list? Which of the accounts below is the most active? Which accounts are the most active on Twitter? In the following list, who are the most well-known influencers? Let’s try to answer all of these questions!

If the following number is lower, copying and pasting each account’s details may be possible. But what if the next number is higher? What would you do?

Copying and copying individual following accounts from the following list is not only inconvenient, but it also wastes time.

How to export Twitter Followers in excel?

Many Twitter users are unaware that the network allows ordinary users to export their own account data. This approach is only useful for exporting data from your own account.

I’ve listed the methods below for exporting your whole following and followers list and additional metadata like tweets, location, device source, and other information. The steps are as follows:

excel example - export twitter followers in excel
excel example – export Twitter Followers in excel

1) Download your Followers list through Twitter Desktop

  • Log in to Twitter at
  • Click ‘More’ in the left pane of the landing page.
  • Then select ‘Settings and privacy’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Your Account’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Download an archive of your data’ from the drop-down menu.
  • To start the procedure, enter your password.

Now we’ll go through how to obtain Twitter data from the official Android app.

2) Using Mobile to download Followers list (Android + IOS) App

  • After login in, open the Twitter app and click on your profile image in the upper left corner.
  • Click ‘Settings and privacy’ on the menu, then ‘Account’.
  • Select ‘Your Twitter Data’ from the ‘Account’ option.
  • Soon after, you’ll receive a link that allows you to download all of your Twitter data.

These methods will allow you to retrieve data from your Twitter account effortlessly.

3) Using Online Application FollowerAnalysis

Let’s say you want to export the Twitter followers of any public account. What would you do in this situation? This data may only be exported from your own Twitter account.

With this in mind, we launched FollowersAnalysis. This fantastic third-party application allows you to export the whole Twitter following list of any public Twitter profile in just a few clicks.

An informative report is also provided, understanding your following list, tweet information, location, client source of tweets from the following list, and other metadata, all of which is presented in a nice PDF report.

followeranalysis export twitter followers in excel
follower analysis export Twitter Followers in excel

The Twitter native download option does not provide access to account data.

AI-driven algorithms in FollowersAnalysis analyze data and provide significant insights that help you make better decisions in the long term.

FollowersAnalysis is a premium site, and the methods to export the Twitter following list of any public Twitter account are shown here.

The Twitter handle of the desired Twitter account is input and submitted. The necessary information will be provided on the next page, along with a cost estimate.

Place your order by clicking “Add to Cart,” then “View Cart.”

After you pay, the report will begin to be generated. You may access your reports by selecting the ‘My Reports’ option.

Because FollowersAnalysis reports are created in real-time, there may be a minor delay in generating the report if the following list has a high number of accounts.

How to export Twitter Followers in excel under 100 Followers? Manually

If you have a smaller list of followers (under 100), you can manually export them.

You can export followers without a third-party programme by scrolling through your Twitter follower list until you’ve loaded them all. Then, copy and paste their handles using a Chrome plugin like Scraper.

You may use Scraper or below GitHub method to extract and export comparable HTML components on a website to an Excel list (for example, a Twitter handle).

Install Scraper, then right-click on a follower’s handle in the fully-loaded list and choose Copy Similar. You’ll end up with a list of handles with no other metrics (sweat, blood, and tears from scrolling don’t count).

Using App called Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a social media analytics application that allows you to download a user’s Twitter followers. Using this service, you may download up to 10,000 followers of any public Twitter account.

simply measure - export twitter followers in excel
simply measure – export Twitter Followers in excel

It doesn’t need any kind of sign-up or registration; all it asks for is some basic information, such as your email address. This program sends a report of your Twitter followers to your email address. It generates an Excel spreadsheet with all of your Twitter followers.

The Excel spreadsheet displays essential information about the person for whom you are using this application. You can also view some extra information on the downloaded followers, such as how many followers they have, how many people they follow, how many tweets they have, and so on.

Using Free App called BirdIQ to export Twitter Followers in excel

BirdIQ is a free service that allows you to download the followers of up to 5000 Twitter users. You only need to supply the Twitter account of the individual whose followers list you want to obtain.

Following that, it will send you an Excel file with the Twitter handles of the individual whose name you chose. Other information about the followers may be found in the Excel file, such as the user’s name, location, status, number of followers, number of persons who follow him/her, and so on.

birdiq - export twitter followers in excel
BirdIq – export Twitter Followers in excel

Using this application, you can easily download the Twitter followers of any Twitter user. Use the given URL to go to its home page in your browser. Then enter the Twitter account name of the person whose followers you wish to download.

After that, click the Find Followers button to reveal the user’s follower information. If you’d like to get this data, simply click the Download Followers to Excel option. The Excel spreadsheet will then be downloaded to your computer, where you may do anything you want with it.

Using Free Github Code to export Twitter Followers in excel

Send mass DMs to your followers by searching through your followers. Twitter APIs are used (which severely rate-limit this)

github tool - export twitter followers in excel
github Tool – export Twitter Followers in excel


  • Multiple parameters may be used to filter followers.
  • Export all of your followers (it takes a few hours if you have a million or more).
  • Send DMs to a specific set of people.
  • Create subscription links for users to input their email addresses.
  • Manage your email list and build affiliate links to reward those who assist you in obtaining new emails.

Using Google Chrome Extension to export Followers

You can download tweets, followers, likes, and more from Twitter to Excel with a single click.
Obtain information on any public Twitter user’s tweets, followers, following, likes, replies, retweets, media (photos and videos), and list members (see for the limits.

twelets - export twitter followers in excel
twelets – export Twitter Followers in excel

Twlets lets you download (export) Twitter data to Microsoft Excel (.XLSX) files.

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