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How to Enable Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication?

Are you looking for a way to set up or enable Microsoft MFA (Multi-Factor Authenticator) App on your device? Whether it’s iPhone or Android or any device. We have described all the steps to do it properly. Let’s discuss all the scenarios.

The second layer of protection called two-factor authentication (2FA) is used to confirm that the person attempting to access an account is indeed who they claim to be.

In addition to being “something you know,” a password might also be something someone else learns or comes across. Anyone who knows your login and password would be able to access and utilise your Office 365 mailbox identity without 2FA or MFA enabled.

You need your password in addition to “something you have” (such a secure token or keycard) or “something you are” (such as your identity) to confirm your identity in order to access a resource that supports two-factor authentication (2FA) (such as your fingerprint, iris or your voice).

What is Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication?

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) keeps things simple for users while securing access to data and apps. It gives robust authentication using a variety of simple authentication techniques and adds security by requiring a second form of identification.

If you have 2FA enabled on your Office 365 mailbox, somebody could not access your mail by simply knowing your login and password (inadvertently or on purpose).

The instructions below install a 6-digit random number generator—a “thing you have”—that is updated every 30 seconds on your mobile device. Then, in addition to your login and password, access to your 2FA-enabled Office 365 mailbox would also require this often-changing 6-digit number.

How to Setup Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication on iPhone?

Follow these steps to add MFA using an Apple device:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for Microsoft Authenticator by tapping the search bar in the lower right corner.
microsoft authenticator app for iphone
  • As illustrated below, tap “Get” on the Microsoft Authenticator tile.
  • The App Store now requires you to log in using your fingerprint or Apple ID password. The installation is now complete, and you may proceed to the next phase.
  • Click to access the self-enrollment page.
  • Before enabling MFA, complete the “extra security verification” by clicking the “further security verification” link.

Enter your StarID login credentials.

You will be asked to add further security details to your account after you have logged in. Select “Next.”

Select the default option for verification:

  • What is your top choice under that? choose Use Verification code from App or Token or Notify me through App.
  • You will receive an Approve/Deny request from Notify Me through App when further verification is necessary.
  • When extra verification is necessary, you must open the authenticator app and enter the code. Use the Verification code from the app or token.
microsoft login page
Microsoft Login Page

Select the backup verification techniques:

  • Enter a phone number that is different from the Office Phone given under Authentication Phone (listed below).
  • Select Office Phone if you have been given an office phone number.
  • If available, choose an Alternate authentication phone and enter a phone number that is distinct from any of the ones previously mentioned. If you can’t be contacted at the Authentication Phone number, call this fallback number instead.
  • Choose the Token or the Authenticator app.
  • To set up the Authenticator app, click the button.

How to Setup Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication?

To activate Office or Outlook 365 two-factor authentications (2FA) or (MFA), follow the below steps:

The next steps are outlined in these instructions; it’s crucial that you follow them all.

Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.

  • Go to the App Store on your phone and look for the Microsoft Authenticator app. The following app should have appeared in the search results:
  • Install the app on your smartphone.
  • A new icon named Authenticator will have appeared on your phone after the download is finished.

For Online Users Account

  • Open a browser on your computer, and then go to
  • Utilize your corporate email address and password to access Office 365 online.
  • Your enterprise user account will already have 2FA enabled, therefore you should get the following popup requesting you to set up 2FA.
  • Select Next.
  • The screen known as Additional Security Verification will then appear and ask you which security technique you would want to utilise.
  • Choose Mobile App from the drop-down menu, then click Set up. From the list of options, choose Use verification code.
  • When this is finished, the message below will appear for you to read.
add account

The Microsoft Authenticator App should be configured.

  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.
  • Until you reach the Ready to add your first account? screen or a screen similar to it, ignore any Intro screens the programme may give to you.
  • In the upper right corner of the app screen, click Add account or the “+” symbol.
  • Pick the choice. Account for work or study.
  • If the app asks for permission to access your phone’s camera, choose OK.
  • A screen named Scan QR code with a square camera box in the centre will be displayed to you.
  • Lift the mobile device so that the computer screen’s QR code is positioned inside the camera square for scanning QR codes.

The following screen will show on the computer screen as soon as the Authenticator app scans the QR code. The Next button is highlighted, while the Setup button is greyed out.

A new account will have been established on the Authenticator app on your smartphone, displaying a set of 6 numbers that changes every 30 seconds. The second authentication factor needed for 2FA is this dynamic number.

  • On your computer’s screen, select Next.
    The six-digit verification number from the Authenticator app will then be requested of you.
  • Click Verify after entering the six-digit code shown on your smartphone’s Authenticator app.
  • Enter your mobile phone number after selecting the country from the drop-down list. Choose Next.

Save the password for the Microsoft Authenticator app.

You’ll be given an Authenticator App password. Please remember this and keep it secure. To save it to your computer, write it down or copy it using the tool to the right of the password and paste it into Notepad. When you are sure that you have a copy of the password saved, click Finished.

Login to Office 365 account using 2FA

Open Outlook on your computer, input your corporate email address (username) when required, and then click the next button.

Click Next after entering your Windows password (computer login password).

The six-digit verification number from the Authenticator app on your phone will then need to be entered at that point. When you enter the code, Outlook will function normally.

setup additional information

Do I need to use 2FA every time to login into Microsoft Outlook?

If you’re launching the Outlook programme on your PC, the answer is no. The first time you use Outlook, you must add the Authenticator App Password stored in step 4 – #13. Yes, if you use a browser to open Outlook. To authenticate your login credentials, you must utilise the app.

I forgot my Outlook Authenticator App Password

If you didn’t remember to write this down during setup or if it doesn’t work, you may create a new password by following these instructions:

  • Open any browser and go to
  • When asked, log in using your email address and Windows password. If necessary, input the code from your authenticator.
  • Click your initials in the top right corner to bring up a menu. Choose “My Account” from the list.
  • Click on “Security and Privacy” on the left side of the page that opens to see a page with a blue context menu.
  • Then choose “Additional security,” followed by “App password” (the bottom choice).
  • For example, “New app password for Outlook,” click create.

You will then see a new code on the screen as a result of this. You may either copy and paste this password straight into the Outlook password request box or copy it, open notepad, paste it, and then save it to your desktop.

If you get emails on your phone, you will need to add the password to your Mobile Outlook app manually.

Microsoft MFA Setup (Using any device)

  • Choose to Notify me through the app from the first drop-down menu.
  • Click Add Accounts, followed by Work or School account, on the Microsoft Authenticator app.
configure app
  • When the app requests access to your camera, select Allow. After that, all you need to do is scan the QR code shown on your computer screen to finish.
  • Choose Next.
  • Press Save.
  • To return to the Multi-Factor Authentication Request browser tab, close the currently open tab.
  • Then choose “Enable MFA.”

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