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How to Bulk Delete Likes on Twitter | Twitter Cleanup

Hello, avid users of Twitter! Do you find yourself constantly clicking the “heart” button on your Twitter feed to show your approval? You certainly aren’t alone in feeling this way! If you have a lot of likes and want to clean up your profile, it can be difficult to remember what you’ve liked and even more difficult to go back and delete them.

Why to Delete Twitter Likes in Bulk?

Maybe you liked too many tweets and can’t seem to get rid of them? Maybe you want to erase a large number of Twitter likes at once? You may erase past likes if you no longer want to be associated with that account, subject, person, or concept. Using a service that can instantly erase your Twitter likes can be useful in these situations.

bulk delete likes on twitter
bulk delete likes on Twitter

You may also dislike likes directly from Twitter, but it would need deleting each tweet one by one. You may dislike the Twitter platform if you merely want to eliminate recent Twitter likes. On the other hand, a third-party tool can save you time and effort if you want to dislike many Twitter postings.

In any case, undoing a Twitter “like” is a common option. It’s quick and simple, and many others have already done it. But what if you want to start over and remove all of your likes?

Let’s get started! There are a couple of ways to get rid of your Twitter “likes,” so let’s get started!

How to bulk delete likes on Twitter?

The only native-to-Twitter solution is to remove your likes one at a time from your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet using the Twitter app.

While the procedure appears simple and basic, it is actually rather time-consuming and tiresome. Manual deletion has the advantage of allowing you to save certain likes if desired. This is how you do it:

Delete All Twitter Likes With Circleboom Twitter

Circleboom Twitter is a comprehensive Twitter management tool that you can use to delete all your Twitter likes in bulk. You can select all or some of your Twitter favorites or likes and delete them quickly and safely on Circleboom.

To use Circleboom Twitter to delete all your likes on Twitter, you should follow these steps;

Log in to Circleboom Twitter.

If you don’t have a Circleboom account yet, you can get one quickly with a few clicks.


After you sign in, continue and quickly connect your Twitter account to Circleboom’s dashboard.

It’ll be done in seconds!

circleboom tool

Open the left-hand menu and click “My Tweets.”

Once you click it, a dropdown menu will open. Select “Unlike” to delete your favorites on Twitter.

how to bulk delete likes on twitter | twitter cleanup

On the Unlike Tweets board, the “Unlike All” button is located at the top of the list. You can click on it to delete all your Twitter likes in one go. Or, you can choose your Twitter likes selectively and delete them all via the red “Unlike Selected” button.

Further, you can use the search box and look for your specific Twitter likes via searching keywords, hashtags, or usernames.

how to bulk delete likes on twitter | twitter cleanup

You don’t need to worry about your security when using Circleboom. Unlike many other tools on the web, Circleboom needs authorization.

Circleboom Twitter also provides you with fantastic follower/following insights, tweet statistics, the ability to find inactive, overactive, fake, spammy, egghead followers and remove them, the best time to tweet, hashtag, and keyword search on Twitter and many other features.

As an all-in-one Twitter management tool, you can also delete all your tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, media, and your Twitter archive with Circleboom. Thanks to its iOS app, you can take Circleboom wherever you are and clean up and manage your Twitter account.

Using Twitter Archive to delete multiple LIKES

The second option is to use a third-party tool that allows you to manage and delete tweets, likes, and favourites. One of the free choices is Twitter Archive Eraser. It is simple and clear to use and allows you to bulk-delete likes. This is how it goes:

how to bulk delete likes on twitter | twitter cleanup
Twitter Tool to bulk delete likes on Twitter
  • Install the app and run it.
  • Two checkboxes will appear. Tick the first one, but leave the second blank.
  • To sign in, click the “Sign In” button.
  • After that, enter your username and password.
  • Choose “Authorize app” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you’ll be given a PIN code. In the app, paste the code.
  • The program will then display the selecting screen. Select “Delete Favorites” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the top of the page, the app will display the number of likes and the query limit.
  • To collect all Twitter likes, click “Start.”
  • Click “Next” after the procedure is finished.
  • The app will display the number of likes it has garnered. By default, all likes are chosen. However, the program allows for filtering.
  • Click “Erase selected tweets” after you’re finished.
  • To confirm, click “OK.”
  • The program will provide a “success” indication after completing the operation.

You should keep in mind, however, that this software has limitations. First and foremost, the app may not be compatible with all Favorites/likes. Some likes (from the days when they were called Favorites) are unreachable to the software due to a known fault with Twitter’s API.

Second, the app offers a four-tiered price structure, from “free” to “premium” options. Each tier adds greater features and capabilities. The FREE edition, for example, only allows you to erase up to 1,000 likes that are less than two years old.

With the Basic plan, you can erase 3,000 likes that are less than four years old. If you choose the Advanced option, you may erase 10,000 likes from the previous four years. Finally, the Premium edition allows you to erase an infinite amount of likes, regardless of how old they are.

When trying all the techniques above to erase all Twitter Likes, one, if not all, should work without a hitch. Only a few third-party tools, such as Twitter Archive Eraser (described above), can handle more deletions than the allowed limit, but you’ll have to pay to have the job done properly.

Deleting Likes Manually

This may take some time, but it is the most effective method for removing certain likes. You don’t have to worry about it depleting your bank account since it’s free.

Simply go to your timeline and manually choose the tweets from which you want to delete the likes. Customized applications have API limitations that prevent them from displaying your actual Twitter feed. This strategy is the finest when you want to ensure that the most likes are removed from your timeline. Because all of the programs for doing this have their own set of restrictions, the manual way is regarded as the best.

Remember that the techniques listed above are irreplaceable, and once used, you cannot restore the erased likes on Twitter.

Using Twitter Like Remover Tool on GitHub

If you are looking for an online code or software command, that could help, you can find one at Github. It’s like a Twitter Like Remover Tool, which can remove all likes. You can even create your own specific tool from Like Remover Tool GitHub

github - bulk delete likes on twitter


In conclusion, there could be several reasons why you would like to delete multiple tweets or mass delete tweets. Bulk deleting your likes on Twitter is a great way to clean up your profile and make it look more professional. It also gives you a fresh start to building your Twitter following. There are many ways to delete Twitter likes in bulk, but I guess for most users, the third-party tool Circlebloom might be handy and time-saving. If not, there are free options also. To get started, follow the steps of the method outlined in this article.

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