How to Keep Your Mobile Browsing Private

Your web browser reveals a ton of information about who you are, where you go, and what you like. Here are the details it leaks whenever you go online, but there are a few precautions you can take when using popular mobile browsers on the go. While none of these precautions are completely foolproof, they […]

How to Avoid Being a Victim to This Malware

Security researchers at Kaspersky have identified various apps and games in the Google Play store that have a secret function: they’re using your Android device’s processor to mine cryptocurrencies. Worried that your phone’s recent slowdown might be because it’s getting old? Well, hold that upgrade: it could be down to Android cryptojacking. Here’s what’s going […]

Opera Shuts Down Its VPN App for Android and iOS

Opera has announced that it’s shutting down its VPN app at the end of this month. The Opera VPN app, which provided Android and iOS users with a free VPN for their phones, is to be permanently discontinued as of April 30, 2018. Which sucks. For the past couple of years, Opera has offered its […]

How to Remove Google Accounts From Your Phone and Reclaim Privacy

Added your Google account to your phone and don’t want it anymore? Maybe you’ve started using a different account, never use the account anymore, or just want to quit using Google This Is Why You Should Stop Using Google Search This Is Why You Should Stop Using Google Search Google has unrivaled access to your […]

The Best Way to Lock Your Android Phone

With the amount of personal data we keep on our phones, security is essential. Android phones are encrypted by default, and provide multiple methods for locking and unlocking them. Some are more secure, while others more convenient to use. So what’s the best way to unlock your Android phone? Let’s take a look. Password Pros: […]

5 Ways Data Can Be Stolen From Your PC or Network

Advertisement Got your data security sorted? Reckon there’s no way anyone can steal data from your computer or network devices? Great! That must mean you’ve solved the worst security problem plaguing corporations around the world. In truth, data security is complex and difficult. If you think you’re completely secure, it probably means there are vulnerabilities […]

Google Is Making HTTPS the Chrome Default

Advertisement With well over half of all websites now encrypted, it’s time to think of HTTPS as the default option rather than the exception. That is, at least, according to Google, which is changing the way Chrome handles secure vs. non-secure web pages. And about time too. Over the last year there has been a […]

7 Ways Wi-Fi Cameras Can Make You a Better Parent

Advertisement Being a parent is tough. No matter if you’re raising a toddler or a teenager, there are times when you really need to have eyes behind your head. Thankfully, a new generation of wireless cameras can help parents keep a closer eye on their children. 1. Monitoring If Teens Made Their Curfew Keeping an […]

5 Free Security Tools You Likely Haven’t Heard Of (But Should Install)

Advertisement You probably know that your online security is important. But are you using the right tools? Various online attacks target computers every minute of the day, and while standard antivirus tools are good, they’re not designed to cover every base. The following free security tools will help you to improve your system and network […]

Intel’s Spectre Vulnerability Returns Like a Ghost from the Past

Advertisement The massive Spectre/Meltdown revelations the opened 2018 Meltdown and Spectre Leave Every CPU Vulnerable to Attack Meltdown and Spectre Leave Every CPU Vulnerable to Attack A huge security flaw with Intel CPUs has been uncovered. Meltdown and Spectre are two new vulnerabilities that affect the CPU. You ARE affected. What can you do about it? […]

5 Private Things Websites Learn About You Without Your Knowledge

Advertisement Browsing the internet seems like such an innocent activity, doesn’t it? You search Google, visit a few websites, and read interesting information. Would you be surprised to know that websites are collecting lots of information about you as you read? The following five things websites can learn about you when you visit may shock […]

Protect Your Mac With 8 Free Security Tools by Objective-See

Security tools are a necessary evil in the face of a growing Mac malware threat. Fortunately you can protect yourself and restore peace of mind with the right tools, like Objecive-See‘s bounty of freebies. The project is the brainchild of Patrick Wardle, a security researcher who created a range of tools to secure his own […]

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