Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)

BPMN stands for business process modelling notation. The BPMN is the result of the business process modelling initiative (BPMI), whose aim is to provide a notation that can be readily understood by all business users and that ensures that various business execution languages can be visualised. The three main aims are to define the notation and its association semantics and to amalgamate all best-practice modelling notations (interestingly enough, including the UML).

Although this is an excellent initiative that has yielded outstanding results, the BPMN is far too narrow to meet the stringent requirements for process modelling identified in this book.

Indeed, the introduction of the process meta-model will show that seven views need to be considered – four of which are realised by structural diagrams, for which the BPMN has no facility. Also, the BPMN does not consider the requirements for a process that are essential for any process validation.

This means that, in total, the BPMN could only be used to realise two of the seven views required for effective and complete process modelling.

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