Best Windows 7 Optimiser to Boost PC Performance

What is a System Optimiser?

A system optimizer is a software designed to maintain the performance of your computer’s operating system, fix software-related problems, and keep your computer stable and secure.

System optimisers are also known as PC optimiser. A PC optimiser is a program that will go through your computer and do things to improve it. Most optimisers help your computer in three ways:

  • You’ll get faster startup times,
  • You’ll install programs more quickly,
  • You’ll get smoother, better performance with games or graphics-based applications.

The need for system optimizer software in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is high. This is because Windows 7 itself is unable to maintain all the mentioned aspects without the help of third-party products.

We are going to learn what exactly Windows 7 optimizer software is.

The best Windows 7 optimizer software shall include all the following features:

1. Registry Cleaner to fix the registry-related issues

2. System Cleaner to clean unnecessary stuff and free up the disk space

3. Registry Defragmenter to defrag the system registry

4. Startup Manager to control the programs running when you turn on your computer

5. Backup & Restore feature to restore unfavourable registry changes

What is Windows Registry Cleaner?

Registry cleaners are intended to assist in the removal of invalid references in the Windows registry that link to resources that no longer exist on the machine. These resources might comprise DLLs, applications, fonts, uninstalled programmes, or out-of-date system information. These references are left behind when software is removed improperly, the uninstaller is written inadequately, or the system has already crashed.

While these applications may help clear out the Windows registry, their potential advantages are substantially exceeded by the possible damage they may create. On Windows systems, we recommend that users do not install or utilise Windows registry cleaners.

“Registry Cleaner” to Fix the Registry Related Issues

Windows Registry is a vital component in Microsoft Windows 7. It contains information stored by your operating system and installed software. For example, the default settings, changes you made to your computer, system information, runtime data, etc. are stored.

A Registry Cleaner is software that finds the junk entries in the registry and repairs them as much as possible. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not include a built-in registry cleaner. The registry cleaner software included in the best Windows 7 optimizer lets you scan for genuine registry problems and correct them. It thereby helps to avoid any runtime errors and problems, such as File Not Found, etc.

“System Cleaner” to Clean Unnecessary Stuff

A System Cleaner software lets you find the files and stuff that have unnecessarily occupied the hard disk space. The tasks, like installing a program, uninstalling, repairing or updating the existing programs, and even just running the installed programs many times create temporary files, log files that need not be kept after the corresponding operation is performed.

Sadly, many programmes do not themselves delete such files and stuff, and thus your hard disc space is used for such unproductive stuff. Using the system cleaner software included in the best Windows 7 optimizer, you can easily and safely delete such temporary files.

“Registry Defragmenter” to Defrag the System Registry

You know the importance of the registry in the Windows 7 operating system, as already discussed. The continuous access of a number of programs to the registry results in its fragmentation. It reduces system performance and freezes your computer.

The best Windows 7 optimizer software includes a registry defragmenter that enables analysing the registry fragmentation and afterwards defragmenting it. A reboot is required to perform this process, and all other running programmes and services must be terminated.

“Startup Manager” to Control the Programs when you Turn on your Computer

Running too many programmes at the same time results in the system freezing and slow performance. A Startup Manager, included in the best Windows 7 optimizer, lets you monitor and control the programmes that run each time your computer is started. It lets you disable or delete unwanted programme entries and enables only those that are necessary.

Backup & Restore Feature to Restore the Unfavourable Registry

While doing all the above steps, care must be taken that you have followed some precautionary measures first, so that any unfavourable registry change can be later restored and unwilling situations can be easily avoided. The best Windows 7 optimizer should include such a feature.

Downsides of System or PC Optimisers

Most of these programs tend to be similar in what they do, but what they do is generally different. I could tell you a million things that a cleaning program or maintenance program would do to your computer, but you would most likely not see the difference.

If you want to clean your computer, you can go and find some type of program and delete what you don’t need. This will free up space and it may speed up the loading of your computer, but if you want to get more performance out of your computer, you may be interested in a PC optimizer instead.

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