8 Free Online SEO Tools For Content Audit

Are you looking for free online SEO tools for content audits? Do you know that Content Auditing is necessary for ranking in the top 10 pages of Google Search?

Today, we will discuss some of the 8 free online SEO tools.

Content auditing is the staircase to success when discussing search engine optimization. Website
auditing or content auditing is an effective technique to check your site’s relevancy and performance
based on various factors.

By performing a content audit, you can become aware of the gaps, areas of improvement, and changes
required in various website sections. Let’s discuss the basic definition for better understanding.

What is a Content Audit?

A content audit is a detailed evaluation report based on the online inventory that contains all the
information about the content featured on your website. The primary goal is to implement
improvements based on the information gathered from the audit.

Why do we need to perform content auditing?

A content audit is a necessary part of digital marketing strategy. Content auditing is like regular
checkups on your car by maintaining its performance elements. You approach a workshop for an oil
change, car detailing, and spare parts changing.
Similarly, you have to evaluate your website’s performance check-in balance regularly. The idea is to
learn about the defects and improvements required to keep the site up to date, which helps retain a
position among online competitors.

This evaluation can be performed with the help of several tools and techniques discussed in
this article. You can develop an optimization strategy for your website using these freeware tools.

8 Free Online SEO Tools For Content Audit


When publishing the content online, it is challenging to check for any errors in your website. With online-
based tools like SEOPTIMER, you can get an instant report on errors and omissions found on your

Error Fixing

By highlighting the errors, this tool provides recommendations to improve specific areas. These improvements ultimately help increase your website’s ranking among search engine results.

8 free online seo tools for content audit

Instant Access

The best thing about this tool is that it’s free to use. You can add an extension for Google Chrome to instantly conduct a content audit on any website. The tool includes an option to download audit reports for further analysis.

2) Check-Plagiarism

Content audit generation is the halfway process to improving the ranking of your website. Now you have to get rid of those errors in the content. With Check-Plagiarism online tool, you can evaluate and improve the quality of your web content all in one place.

Plagiarism checker

8 free online seo tools for content audit
Plagiarism checker For Content Audit

Plagiarised content gets penalised by the search engine, which is the first element that affects the quality of your website and content.

With the plagiarism checker, you can confidently evaluate your website’s uniqueness score to feature it on your website.

Plagiarism comparison

This online tool also contains a feature to compare your website’s content with a specific source. You can add the URL of each source to check the similarity and uniqueness ratio between their contents.

Grammar Checker tool

8 free online seo tools for content audit
Grammar checker For Content Audit

This tool also has a built-in option to check for any grammatical errors. Of course, no one likes to appreciate content with spelling mistakes, improper use of passive voice, and irrelevant preposition placement. This tool provides a one-click solution to resolve all these errors.

3) MySiteAuditor

8 free online seo tools for content audit

MySiteAuditor is among the top favorite tools web admins and web content writers prefer. This tool is ideal for large SEO enterprises working with bulk content and various web pages.

Based on Google Algorithm

This tool performs auditing based on Google’s ranking algorithm. This auditing criterion gives an accurate evaluation report based on the defined terms by the World’s most widely used search engine.

Specified content auditing

This tool explicitly scans the web pages to search for targeted keywords. Instead of auditing the whole website, you get a detailed report on the building blocks of your content, which are long-tail and short-tail keywords.

4) Site Analyzer

8 free online seo tools for content audit
Site Analyzer

This tool is free to use to a specified extent, allowing 20 website analyses per month. But you may have to sign up to start your free trial. You can analyse your website without limitation by availing of a paid plan.

Extensive parameters

This tool evaluates a website based on 50 parameters to identify errors, poor quality content, low-ranking keywords, or technical mistakes. It gives you suggestions to fix these errors to improve the SEO of your website.

5) Screaming Frog

8 free online seo tools for content audit

Screaming Frog is labelled as a website crawler rather than an audit-generating tool. Yet it improves a website’s optimization by crawling it and providing helpful information on its performance.

Desktop application support

This tool works seamlessly as a desktop application for your desktop that evaluates content based on 30 different parameters. To generate a content audit, it crawls other website areas, including meta description and anchor text.

6) Google Search Console

8 free online seo tools for content audit
Google Search Console

Search Console is a freeware web-based product offered by the tech giant itself. Google provides this valuable tool to monitor a website’s performance based on clicks, errors, and connectivity.

Detailed Summary

This tool gives you detailed insights into a website’s positioning among the search engine page results. It states the number of clicks, impressions, and errors to identify a website’s performance.

This tool works on a fundamental algorithm and provides the most apparent details about a website, so the professionals in the SEO game do not recommend it. However, beginners can use this tool for its freeware services and easy-to-operate interface.

7) Google Analytics

8 free online seo tools for content audit
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is yet another freeware product for beginner-level bloggers and web admins. Google Analytics is free to use, and it helps to understand the behaviour of a website based on various parameters. 

All-in-one website analysis

This tool provides an in-depth analysis of various parameters related to your website. This tool analyses each webpage to score the popularity of posts and define the elements that generate the most traffic. You can find the areas that require improvements and changes based on the results.

8) WooRank

8 free online seo tools for content audit

WooRank is available as a freeware and paid tool to cover the needs of small and large enterprises. It’s a great tool to generate a quick review of your website and its appearance against the search results.

Traffic monitoring

This tool details targeted keywords relevant to your website’s topic. It also provides a detailed report on keywords and how much traffic they drive toward a webpage.


Improving your website’s performance is not a one-time job. It’s a constant effort to regularly check the quality of content to stay ahead of your competitors in SERPs. With the website audit tools, you can get an all-in-one report to diagnose and fix the errors that affect your website’s ranking.

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