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How to Rank Your Website High with Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes a website or web page look as good as possible on different devices.

This means that whether a user is on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, they will be able to view the page without zooming in or out.

Some benefits of responsive web design include: improved user experience, increased traffic from mobile users, lower bounce rates, improved conversions, and the ability to future-proof your website.

Choosing to create your own website is a major step. In light of the gravity of the information you’ll be sharing with the world, it’s imperative that you first identify and understand your target audience.

You should consider site design in light of the foregoing. Responsive web design is one of the most crucial factors in making your site stand out from the competition. Around the world, mobile sales have overtaken desktops by leaps and bounds. The number of users turning to tablets and smartphones for browsing the internet or shopping online is growing rapidly.

In this highly competitive digital age, where portability is king, it is imperative for businesses to employ responsive website designs to build mobile-friendly websites for their products.

benefits of responsive web design

This just might be the best decision you could make for your business. Here are the top seven reasons and benefits for you to use responsiveness when building your website:

Search Engines favour Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Websites with responsive web designs would have the same URLs and HTML codes even when accessed over multiple devices. This makes it easier for Google and Bing bots to search, crawl and organise content on your website. To learn more, check out some websites with high Google rankings, and observe the responsive web designs they employ.

Improved User Experience

User experience is critical for businesses today. By adopting responsive web design, businesses can provide users with an optimal experience regardless of the device they are using. Responsive web design provides several benefits, including improved user experience, increased traffic, and higher conversion rates.

The user experience is more important than ever before. In a world where people are constantly interacting with devices of all shapes and sizes, it’s essential that businesses provide users with a consistent and enjoyable experience regardless of the device they are using. Responsive web design ensures that users have an optimized experience no matter what device they are using.

The benefits of responsive web design don’t stop at an improved user experience; businesses also see increased traffic and higher conversion rates when they adopt this approach to design.

Easy to Manage

When you use a website with responsive web design, making changes across various devices is a lot easier since you have to modify the coding only on one URL. This comes in handy when quick changes are made to the content on your website. On the other hand, with multiple versions of websites you need to update each website for consistency.

You also don’t have to stress over browser incompatibilities. Once the media queries are in place, the website will automatically resize and reformat itself to look great in any browser. There is no need to maintain testing and tweaking the site for each browser, nor is it necessary to continue modifying the site’s core features to accommodate browser quirks. When a website is built with responsive web design, it adapts to the screen size of any device that visits it.

Easier Sharing of Links and Contents

One of the most important factors when optimising your website for search engines is high-quality link building. Having the same link for your mobile and desktop versions helps with easy promotion and link sharing. It’s also highly beneficial if you can offer your visitors a single link to share among friends and family.

A responsive website has one URL, no matter which device it is viewed on. This allows search engine to crawl through and improve the ranking of your website. Also, Google started rewarding mobile friendly sites, and they make these sites rank higher.

Rocket Fast Load Time

Websites that use responsive design generally load much faster than dedicated mobile sites. Many studies have shown that loading speed is an important factor that affects the ranking of websites on search engines. Experts believe that any site taking more than 3 seconds to load can lead to lost sales and customers.

Responsive Web Design loads fast and render fast on browsers, is compatible with a wide array of screen sizes and devices and is extremely accessible (using semantic HTML and CSS, along with built-in functionality from web-wide standards and browser features). That’s it. That’s what makes RWD so successful today


Responsive web design is considered highly economical, as it saves you from having to build a separate mobile version for your business. The costs involved in developing the mobile version of a website can be quite high.

Responsive web design allows businesses to have one website that can be accessed on any device, without the need for a separate mobile website. This eliminates the need for businesses to pay for multiple websites or maintain multiple codebases.

Lower chances of Content Duplication

If you have a separate mobile site for your website, there are chances of Google’s bots interpreting this as duplicate content, which can affect your Google rankings negatively. A number of brands that build mobile websites to reach a larger audience rarely experience the expected business growth. On the other hand, responsive web designs have proven to be extremely effective at building a user base and improving search rankings.


The prevalence of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has led to a shift in internet browsing habits. Consequently, as a web designer, it is imperative to develop websites that are compatible and user-friendly for mobile platforms.The utilization of these tools is increasingly prevalent in the realms of online commerce and content discovery. Hence, it is recommended to develop a responsive web design that prioritizes user-friendliness.

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