3 Learning Management Systems for On-the-Job Training Programs

Most on-the-job training programs are designed to teach new employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs.

These programs can be either formal or informal, but they typically involve some combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning. Employers usually offer formal on-the-job training programs as part of a larger employee development initiative. Informal on-the-job training programs are often more ad hoc and may be developed by individual supervisors or managers in response to a specific need.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is a highly customizable tool for training, performance management, project management, and other business-critical activities.

With an LMS, employees can work from home or wherever they are to complete their training, so they can stay productive and engaged in their job.

An LMS is a tool that automates many of the manual, time-consuming, and error-prone steps that typically make up the on-the-job training process. An LMS lets you track and report on trainee progress in a way that promotes continuous learning. When we say automated, it’s not just a tool to collect data, but also a tool to create custom reports, create workflows to guide the participant through the process of learning, a tool to manage time tracking and more.

So I compared three LMSs that claim to be excellent for on-the-job training to see how they stand up. Below, you’ll find an alphabetical listing of each curriculum, so you can decide which one is best for your OTJ education.

Compared LMSs


Pricing: Grovo starts at $69 per user per year

grovo lms
3 Learning Management Systems for On-the-Job Training Programs 1

Microlearning is at the heart of Grovo’s LMS. Grovo’s material is tailored to the needs of busy professionals by keeping to a 60-second video micro-learning format.

If your learners have been suffering, video-based training may help them climb to new heights. Trainers can monitor the progress of their new hires thanks to comprehensive reporting on learning outcomes.

What people are saying

It is helpful to see the performance levels of staff members in terms of the number of views, the speed in which they completed the training, and overall score. This allows us to see their potential and interest from a different perspective compared with routine observation.”

“This platform has made learning so much fun for the team. From adding employees to tracking and assessing their learning and performance, it’s been an awesome experience. I will recommend this platform to all my contacts.”

“The platform is very user-friendly, and the material is cutting edge. The videos keep employees engaged while learning. The short bursts of information are a great way to keep employees yearning for more. Having the ability to upload our industry-specific information is genius!”


Pricing: Mindflash’s basic package starts at $599 per month for up to 500 users

mindlash lms
3 Learning Management Systems for On-the-Job Training Programs 2

With Mindflash, you can easily distribute your content across numerous platforms, such as mobile and desktop computers, all from a single cloud-based platform. Mindflash may be accessed on a laptop, tablet, or phone, depending on the convenience of your employees.

This service is ideal for businesses that need to teach their personnel while they are on the go because mobile learning is so popular right now. It also offers a visual reporting system that provides a graphics-based display, so you (or your other training employees) will enjoy the lack of dry figures.

What people are saying

Tracking users’ activity takes me minutes now instead of hours. We have a lot of annual requirements I need to track and report back to the government and this is allowing me much more time to work on material and not have to monitor end-users.”

“I’ve been a user for over a year now, and the ease of use is a huge reason why we purchased the service and also expanded. It’s been a great value, and I would recommend it to anybody needing an LMS system.”

“Using Mindflash for both internal and external training allows my company to provide excellent training that is clear, informative and easy in-training navigation. Mindflash allowed us to fill a missing piece, too, properly training customers that need our support installing our products matching our stringent specifications. Customer support has been the shining star when there is a question or even when we need an introduction to numerous Mindflash administrators.”


Pricing: Schoox pricing starts at $4 per user per month and scales down after that

schoox lms
3 Learning Management Systems for On-the-Job Training Programs 3

If you want software that checks just about any box, Schoox is an excellent choice. Want blended learning? You got it. Want a mobile option? Sure. Want some gamification? Why not! Schoox is a highly versatile software option that offers enough choices to have your on-the-job training go your way.

What people are saying

“We’ve been on Schoox for a year now, and so far, it has been a fantastic system to use. Everything from the technical capabilities to the administrative functions makes it a breeze to implement training quickly. From an instructional design perspective, it is straightforward to push courses out to learners, and the built-in assessment engine has allowed us to get away from SCORM, which has always been a headache.”

“Our overall experience with Schoox has been great. Very friendly and responsive customer service. Always open to ideas to help us meet our training needs. They have a willingness to be flexible and adapt and change what they’re doing to better suit the clients’ need.”

Have you implemented an on-the-job training program?

Training is a core requirement for effective learning. Learning is a complex process and learning in the workplace will present several challenges, such as limited time, training tasks, and different teaching methods. There is a significant market need to support developing and delivering effective learning programs. Companies need robust training systems designed to drive the organization’s training program.

I wish you the best in your OTJ training story as well. Is there an OTJ training LMS that you particularly like? Has anyone else overlooked one that should be on the list? Or, perhaps, you’re still unsure about what’s best for your situation. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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