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How to hide last seen and blue ticks in WhatsApp

The old status feature was just a simple text entry where the user would input his/her status update with “at” at the end of it, which would allow their status to be seen, however with the introduction of the app update, WhatsApp Status, the blue tick that indicated the conversation was private, was a thing of the past.

To maintain your privacy, WhatsApp allows you to conceal your last seen and blue ticks. If you haven’t seen these features already, you can do so now. Both options are included in the messaging app’s privacy section.

Both features are optional for those who do not want others to know when they read a message. This section describes how to enable or disable last seen and blue ticks.

How to hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

To hide your last seen, simply launch the WhatsApp app and navigate to the Settings area.

Step 2: Navigate to the Account area and select the Privacy option. It’s worth noting that any changes you save will be applied to the messaging app’s mobile and online versions.

Step 3: Now, tap on the Last Seen option and select “Nobody.”

You have three options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.” The first one entails that everyone who has your WhatsApp number will be able to view your most recent sighting. The second option restricts access to your last seen on WhatsApp to your contacts. If you select “Nobody,” no one will be able to view your WhatsApp’s last seen. You may select any previously viewed option at any moment.

How to disable WhatsApp’s blue tick

The procedure for concealing blue ticks is comparable. This feature is located under the Privacy area, although not under the same name. WhatsApp includes a Read Receipts feature that disables the blue ticks. Continue reading to learn more.

To begin, open the WhatsApp app and navigate to the Settings area.

Step 2: Select “Account” and then “Privacy.”

Step 3: Scroll down and disable the “Read Receipts” option to hide blue ticks in chats.

Users can enable this option at any time by repeating the procedure. It’s worth noting that if you disable the aforementioned option, you will lose the ability to see blue ticks when others read your messages.

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