Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Wondering if you need a WordPress security plugin? Then, the answer will be YES. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS, making it highly prone to hacks.  The top CMS in the world is now coming up with constant updates to cover-up all existing and new loopholes. But there are always risks, and there is where the need for Security Plugin comes.

To protect your WordPress websites or blog against any vulnerability, it’s always recommended to use WordPress security plugin. There are plenty of such security plugins which can safeguard your site from hacks.

Best WordPress Security Plugin

Today there are countless plugins available for WordPress online. For any blogger or site owner, it can be a tedious process. Here is the list of top five WordPress security plugins which will protect your site against all vulnerabilities.

  • Wordfence Security

WordFence Security is one of the best and top-rated plugins available in the market today. This plugin protects any site from brute attacks, login page protection, IP blacklisting and ensures real-time security monitoring. More importantly, it adds a firewall to the site. The plugin will automatically scan the website for threats and will be alerted if there is a case of a security breach.

  • Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security is backed by WordPress security experts, making it the best plugin in the market today. This plugin is completely free and will boost all levels of your site security. Constant site monitoring makes Sucuri Security quite effective. Sucuri website firewall plays an important role to filter bad traffic from reaching your server. Moreover, Sucuri serves static content from own CDN servers.

  • iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a popular and reliable WordPress security plugin used by any site owners. This plugin is available as both free and paid. iThemes Security features limit login attempts, 404 detections, strong password enforcement, security hardening, file integrity checks and plenty more. With the paid version users can unlock more security features. However, the free version comes with decent facilities, which is ideal for any site.

  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is another popular and reliable security plugin with more than 800,000 active installations. Easy to use and hassle-free configuration facility makes this plugin ideal, especially for individuals who don’t have enough tech skills. In-built security scanner will protect your site from hackers always.

  • SecuPress

SecuPress is a new addition in the list but is gaining popularity quite fast. For users looking for easy to use interface and superb UI, SecuPress is the best plugin. The plugin comes with features like blocking bad bots, anti-brute force login, blocked firewall and IPs. Both free and premiums versions are available with the plugin, making it popular.


Site security is utmost important but at the same time, it is complex. New security features are constantly evolving; hence there is a need for using the latest security plugin. What was best a year ago, maybe of no use today! Understand the vulnerabilities and accordingly keep updating your site security with these above-mentioned plugins.

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