Top 5 Python Frameworks You Should Know About

Python is an incredibly powerful and versatile programming language, capable of powering anything from simple web applications to complex software.

With a wide variety of frameworks available. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 Python frameworks that you should consider for your projects.

From Django for web development to Flask for microservices-based applications, each framework has its own unique features that can help make your project successful.

1. Django

One of the best and quite popular Python frameworks of all time, Django, provides you with every built-in and easily configurable feature that might be handy when you Develop a Web Project with a database connection.

Django web development framework is used for building complex and robust web applications. This is mainly used for static web development. The framework supports the Python programming language. It is an MVC (model, view, controller) framework. So, the framework is used to develop dynamic applications.

We can use object-relational mapping to access databases in the Django Python Framework. The framework also supports many popular databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and others. It’s based on a simple principle called “DRY,” which means don’t repeat yourselves. It also provides you with other features like Authentication, ORM (Object Relational Mapping), Database Schema, URL routing, and Mapping.

One of the best things about Django is that it is based on MVC-MVT architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller. In other words, you take care of Controller class functions, architecture, and views, and the rest are taken care of by Django. If you have used ASP.NET, then you can relate to its functionality.

Django is easy to learn and use. It is not very complicated, and it is suitable for beginners who have never programmed in Python before. The learning curve is steep, but there is only one page in one tutorial, and you can create your first application on your first day.

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2. Flask

Flask is another important microframework that is very popular. A micro-framework is lightweight, and its modular design makes it easily adaptable to the developer’s needs, so it becomes straightforward to configure.

It is used in building web applications, and It is famous for:

  • WSGI Configuration
  • RESTful Services
  • HTTP Request Handling
  • Development Server with Built-in Features
  • Cookies
  • Jinja2
  • ORM
  • Easy Debugging and Unit Testing

Flask is most appropriate for simple and little activities, and even it is used in Google App Engine because of its lightweight.

3. FastAPI: High-performance API framework

FastAPI is a high-performance API framework built with Python. It is designed to be fast, easy to use, and highly scalable. FastAPI is based on the Starlette framework and provides many of the same features, but with added functionality for building APIs quickly and efficiently.

One of the most notable features of FastAPI is its speed. Thanks to its use of asynchronous programming techniques, it can process requests at lightning-fast speeds, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high performance and low latency.

Another key advantage of using FastAPI is its ease of use. The framework includes a straightforward API documentation system that makes it easy to understand how your application works and what endpoints are available. Additionally, you can build complex APIs in just a few lines of code thanks to the built-in data validation and serialization tools included in the framework. Overall, FastAPI is an excellent choice for developers who want to build high-performance APIs quickly and easily.

4. CherryPy

CherryPy, sometimes called “Pystone”, is an open-source Python web server and application framework. A web server is an application that accepts incoming web requests from users and processes them. It usually implements an HTTP protocol in order to do so. The web server responds to HTTP requests by returning content from the computer it’s running on.

It enables the use of multi-string web server functionality as well as modular arrangement in frameworks. It runs Various HTTP servers and gains a lot of instruments for encoding, reserving, and approval of various Programmed features.

CherryPy is no longer required for an Apache server to run multiple applications, and CherryPy can efficiently utilize these. It consists of an Amazing Design and an Adaptable Framework. It runs on Python 2.7+, Python 3.5+, Jython, PyPy and Android. It has a tremendously adaptable Plugin System.

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5. Pyramid: Flexible web framework

Pyramid is a highly flexible web framework that is designed to enable developers to build complex web applications quickly and easily. It is an open-source Python-based framework that provides a powerful set of tools for building scalable and reliable applications. Pyramid is an excellent choice for developers who want the flexibility of low-level APIs, as well as the convenience of high-level abstractions.

One significant advantage of Pyramid over other frameworks like Django or Flask is its modularity. Pyramid allows developers to choose the components they need and leave out those they don’t require, enabling them to create custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility makes it easy for developers to add new features and functionality without having to rewrite large portions of code.

Another notable feature of Pyramid is its support for multiple database systems, including SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Firebird. This wide range of options makes it easier for developers to work with different databases depending on their project requirements. Additionally, Pyramid’s built-in security features make it easy for developers to secure their applications against common threats like cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and SQL injection attacks.

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