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Strategies to increase Engagement With Instagram reels and stories

Boosting user engagement is one of the top most priority of any Instagram user whether it is a personal or business user. More engagement means more revenues.

Instagram keeps coming up with new features. As a creator, it gets hard to keep up with them while keeping your engagement rates high, so you must understand how they work and implement strategies to help you increase brand value and social media presence.

Before we get into the strategies and tricks to help you up to your engagement rate, let’s freshen up your basics about Instagram stories, Instagram reels, and how to use them.

What are Instagram reels?

instagram reels

 Instagram Reels is an Instagram feature that permits you to make and share short, captivating videos that — in contrast to Instagram Stories — don’t vanish following 24 hours.

Instagram reels allow you to share videos with your followers, friends or anybody on Instagram. Record and alter 15-second multiple videos with sound, filters, and new effects. You can add reels to your followers on Feed if you have a public account. 

What are Instagram stories?

strategies to increase engagement with instagram reels and stories

Instagram Stories is another Instagram feature that allows you to share moments from your day and the ones you need to keep on your profile. As you share different photographs and recordings, they show up together in a slideshow design: your story. And it disappears in 24 hours, and you can delete them before that too.

You’ll see stories from individuals you look at the bar at the top of your Feed. When there’s a genuinely new thing to see, their profile photograph will have a colourful ring around it. And if they have added you to their private story, the ring would be green in colour.

To see somebody’s story, tap on their profile photograph. Seeing stories at your speed: tap to return and forward or swipe to leap to someone else’s story is simple. If you desire to like or comment on something you see, you can tap and send a direct message to that individual on Instagram Direct. With the new update, you can like a people’s story very much like how you like any ordinary post; this sends them a notification and not a dm.

How to use Instagram reels and Instagram stories

Instagram reels permit its clients to make content at their speed. You can find the reels include by tapping on the little clapperboard on the right of your Instagram home page, then, at that point, choosing the reels choice. When you look at a feed or home page, the Reels symbol is a little camera symbol in the right side corner. Reels will have a short organisation breaking point of 30 seconds; it has been further lengthened to 90 seconds which is currently in beta testing. The reels feature permits the users to add the sounds they require, and as far as possible, they maintain that the Reel should be. Different elements also incorporate face filters, effects, clocks, location, etc.

There are two methods for adding to your story: the first is by going to your profile page and tapping on your profile picture symbol. The second is going to your fundamental Feed and tapping on the camera symbol in the upper left corner. Whenever you are finished adding text, drawings, and stickers to your story, you tap the “+ your story” symbol at the base right corner, which has been added to your account.

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Strategies for increasing engagement rates

Instagram reels

instagram reels

Strategy 1: In house edits

It’s safe to say that Instagram likes its stuff on their Feed and publicly has said that they give priority to Instagram produced content, meaning repost from other platforms such as TikTok would mean less visibility and, therefore, less engagement. It is also very important that you use Instagram to inbuild editing features; while editing posts, you get them to a wider audience.

Strategy 2: Rewarding your followers

Engagement is tricky, and sometimes the growth can get static, and this is where rewarding your followers come into; it could be as simple as a give way or meet and greets. The point of rewarding is promoting the interaction between your and your followers to feel like they are part of the community.

Strategy 3: Jumping onto trends

The first-come, first-serve saying is very accurate when it comes to jumping on trends. The faster you jump on trends, the higher the chances Instagram pushes your content further and more people engage with it.

Instagram stories

strategies to increase engagement with instagram reels and stories

Strategy 1: Add Captions

Often, people don’t listen to the audio you add to your stories. This is where captioning your Instagram stories is a great way to ensure you catch your followers’ attention.

Strategy 2: CTA’s

CTA’s are your best friend when it comes to Instagram stories; putting in “tap for more “allows you to hook your audience longer and make them take an extra step into your profile

Strategy 3: Polls, stickers and storytelling

 Polls are a great way of making the public engage with your stories; it’s easy to get the job done, and interactive and funny gifs make it easier to catch their attention. When posting a story, one needs to make sure that there is a flow to the conversation so that people don’t think it’s mechanical.


All these strategies only work if you put in the work, which would mean posting quality content consistently, jumping on trends, collaborating with other creators and much more. The ultimate goal of content creation is the need to stay relevant, making sure your art gets out there to the right people at the right time.

These steps are only for saving the Instagram post of the day. If you want to download the posts, you can try other ways, including these methods can be referred to as Instagram download websites or applications that help with downloading such posts on Instagram and also with in Instagram reels download.

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