CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships

  1. Explain a scenario in the past when collaboration could have improved your work performance. What happened and how would collaboration have improved it?

One time, I worked on a project in which I was developing a website. The client had already created the website, and my job was to improve the content in it, including the site’s ‘About Us’ page, blog and ‘Services Offered’ Page. This is a job that had many components that require different skills, including graphic design, writing, and a little bit of coding.

I believe that my work performance, both in terms of quality and speed, would have been better if I had worked in a team consisting of members with various areas of expertise. I could have stuck to the task that I can perform best- writing- and delegated other tasks to people who are better at it than I am.

2. What potential networking needs may you identify? Use workplace examples where possible.

The following are my and my organisation’s networking needs:

  • We want to find independent contractors for certain areas (such as content creation and graphic design).
  • We want to network with other organisations to achieve specific goals. For example, we would like to collaborate with a digital marketing company to launch our own ad campaign.
  • Personally, I would like to find a career consultant to identify opportunities and create a plan.

Activity 1B

What networks are relevant to your work role, organisation’s priorities and target groups?

Based on the needs of my organisation, the following types of network are relevant:

  • Contacts: Our company would like to expand its contacts with companies in other sectors such as digital marketing, energy, consulting, publishing and trading.
  • Business: We would also like to expand our contacts to identify business opportunities. As a technology consultancy company, we offer our services to businesses in several different areas. These areas include technology, manufacturing, freelance marketplaces, and so on. We would like to have more contacts with businesses in each of these areas. Doing so would allow us to understand
  • Advice: Obtaining advice from business consultants would allow us to meet our targets better. It is also relevant to me personally, as it would help me grow in my career.

Activity 2A

Use relevant resources to gather information about services, organisations or people you could network with. (Resources include websites, word of mouth and company information.)  
Digital marketing companies:  
Ignite Visibility:
Cost: Medium, around $1000 on average
Number of employees: 50-249
Location: San Diego, California
Reviews on Clutch: 4.9
Notable project: It has helped an enormous storage company with digital marketing and search engine optimisation.
Past clients: Tony Robbins, Doordash, 5 Hour Energy

Cost: Medium, around $1000 on average
Number of employees: 50-249
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Reviews on Clutch: 4.9
Notable project: It worked with a substance abuse facility to increase contacts with clients and improve revenue. The facility reported that they were able to see consistent results. 
Past clients: Verizon, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wrangler

Big Leap:
Cost: Medium, around $1000 on average
Number of employees: 50-249
Location: Lehi, Utah
Reviews on Clutch: 4.8
Notable project: It worked with a skincare company to build up its reputation. They revamped the company’s online image.
Past clients: AlphaGraphics, Avis, Nomatic

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency:
Cost: Medium, around $1000 on average
Number of employees: 10-49
Location: Dallas, Texas
Reviews on Clutch: 4.9
Notable project: This agency worked with a travel agent to increase website traffic and user engagement. They were also cost-effective. 
Past clients: D&D Beyond, Hurom, Berryman Products  

Consulting firms:  
McKinsey & Company:
Top consulting agency
Has a great reputation
Established for a long time (has been in the business for 92 years)
International network

Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Top consulting agency
Has a great reputation
Established for a long time (57 years)
International services
One of the best companies to work for  

Review the information to identify which you will follow up with and why.    
Whom we will follow up with and why:  
> For digital marketing companies, we will follow up with Ignite Visibility because of their cost-effective services and track record of success.
> For consultancies, we will follow up with McKinsey & Company as it is well-established and has a great reputation in the field.                                                

Activity 2B

How can you contribute appropriately to networks following principles?  
Have a purpose or goal that the company or person we are networking with can help us fulfil/achieve
Be clear on the identity of all parties- what they do and how they can help
Be aware of the consequences of our actions
Be clear on communication
Form small discussion groups so that communication is more effective
Create a shared space that facilitates interaction

What should you be aware of when communicating with network participants?  
Culturally sensitive topics: Some topics are considered taboo in certain cultures. It is essential to be aware of these topics and avoid bringing them up when communicating with a person who’s from a different culture than us. This is especially important in interactions with international clients/contacts.
Religious beliefs: The contact’s religious beliefs must be respected.
How the other person wishes to be addressed: This is especially true in the case of pronouns.

How can knowing the above inform communication be within the network?  
Being aware of these topics would ensure that our communication is considerate and courteous. It would allow us to build rapport with contact and develop a close working relationship with them. It is important to be respectful of other people’s beliefs and not dismiss them. It is also necessary to be sensitive to the contact’s culture.                              

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