[Solved] Why is Instagram showing an Error while Login? Fix

Are you facing a logging issue while using Instagram? Why is Instagram showing an Error while Login? Well, there could be multiple reasons behind this. But there are some easy fixes to this. Today, at DigitalGyan, we will talk about how to fix the Instagram Login Issue.

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social networking software on the internet. Through images, the app has provided a nice method to communicate with friends and family. It has simply elevated the world of photo-sharing to new heights.

However, Instagram occasionally displays Error warnings. One of Instagram’s issues is “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred.” When attempting to log into Instagram or reading the page insight, such issues might occur.

instagram showing an error while login
Instagram showing an Error while Login

You’ve arrived at the right place if you’re one of the users who has encountered this issue. We will discuss how to fix the Instagram error “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred Instagram” in this article.

Why is Instagram showing an Error while Login?

Most of the time, the problem is with your device, but that’s something that a simple restart won’t cure. Checking your network connection might lead to a variety of issues, so be sure to do it.

Your date and time must be right for the service to function effectively, so double-check that they are set correctly. It’s also possible that Instagram’s servers are currently unavailable.

The following are some potential causes of the Instagram Login Error:

  • It’s possible that the servers are down, or that you have a shaky internet connection.
  • This issue may occur for Instagram users who have linked their Facebook accounts.
  • It’s possible that something in your profile or posts violates Instagram’s rules and practices.
  • It’s possible that your login procedure has a flaw.

How to fix Instagram showing an Error while Login?

Now that we’ve gone over all of the probable causes of the Instagram login issue, it’s time to share what we’ve learned.

Check your Internet Connection

It has been discovered that the issue is frequently triggered by a WiFi problem. As many users have discovered, the Error is caused by a slow internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is running correctly and at a good speed.

You may also try switching your internet connection from WiFi to Mobile Data and vice versa. You can also try resetting the connection (or turning it off and on), which has worked for many customers.

If the issue persists, try using a different internet connection to access the program. It is preferable to restart your router if you are connected to Wi-Fi. (Instagram showing an Error while Login)

try airplane mode - instagram showing an error while login
Try Airplane mode – Instagram showing an Error while Login

Simply turn off the router for 5 minutes before re-energizing it. The problem should now be resolved. (If the problem is caused by a router or Wifi)

Clear the Cache or Reinstall Instagram

It’s possible that the app’s cache and data have been corrupted, resulting in an error. The problem may be resolved by clearing the cache and data. So, let’s see if we can erase the app’s cache and data. To clear the cache and data, simply follow the steps.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Go to the Application Settings page (In some devices application setting is named as apps).
  • Go to > > All the Apps
  • Clear Cache and Data on Instagram
  • After you’ve cleared everything out, you’ll need to Force Stop the program.
  • Clearing your cache and data should resolve the problem. Continue to the following step if you’re still getting the error. (Instagram showing an Error while Login)

Check the Date and Time once

In many situations, it has been discovered that the issue is caused by an incorrect date and time. As a result, double-check that you have the current date and time. There’s also a bonus tip down below. If your Date and Time are right, you can proceed.

  • To change the date and time, go to Settings >>Date & Time.
  • Activate the Automatic Date and Time feature.
  • Check the app now, and if you’re still receiving the same issue, follow the instructions below.
  • Set the device to manual mode and the year to four years from now, then launch the app.
  • When the software starts up without any errors,
  • Return to the time settings and change the option to Automatic.

Update Instagram Application

The problem and other issues with the app are frequently resolved in the new/updated version of the app. If the update is available, you should take advantage of it. Many customers have reported that simply upgrading their app solved their problem.

If an update is not available, you can delete and reinstall the app. It should resolve your issue.

update app - instagram showing an error while login
Update app – Instagram showing an Error while Login

So, these are a few ways to fix the Instagram error “An Unknown Network Error Occurred.” Hopefully, you’ve figured out what went wrong. Please tell us which approach worked best for you.

Restart your Device

Occasionally, simply restarting your device can resolve the problem. So, why not give it a shot? To restart your device, follow these steps: power button to stop the call

  • The devices’ screens must be unlocked.
  • Hold down the “Power” button until you see a menu appear.
  • “Power off” is the option.
  • Allow the gadget to turn off.
  • To turn the device back on, wait 10 seconds and then press and hold the “Power” button.
  • After that, try connecting to the app once more. It might be able to help you with your error.
restart - instagram showing an error while login
Restart – Instagram showing an Error while Login

Try changing the Internet Connection or turn off VPN

Sometimes your Data carrier might have restrictions applied or VPN might be affecting it. Try switching Network Connection.

Remove Your Facebook-linked Instagram Account and Try again

This strategy has helped a lot of people handle their problems. Your Instagram account must be linked to your Facebook account for this to work. To begin, open a browser and log into your Instagram account.

Second, go to the account settings tab and unlink your Facebook account. After you’ve completed those steps, you’ll need to make a new Facebook account. This account does not need to be specified, and it will only be used once.

To accomplish this, return to Instagram in your browser, select Join with Facebook, and connect your new Facebook account. (Instagram showing an Error while Login)

You must erase all Instagram data in addition to completing your new Facebook account with your Instagram account.

Disable your Instagram Account Temporary

One of the options for regaining access to your Instagram account is to temporarily disable it. Follow the procedures outlined below to deactivate your account. Use a browser to access your Instagram account.

Through your profile, go to the Edit Your Profile tab. Deactivate your account after providing a valid reason for doing so.

Please wait a few hours before signing into your Instagram account, since we do not suggest doing so right away. After a few hours, you may attempt signing into your account again. (Instagram showing an Error while Login)

Contact Instagram Help Center

If none of the above worked for you, we recommend contacting the Instagram Help Center for assistance.

Conclusion – Instagram showing an Error while Login

To summarise, we must accept that a program utilized by millions of users every day will always have bugs and failures. There are several remedies to those mistakes. We really hope that we were able to assist you in resolving your problems. If you like this post and are having problems with Instagram, please see our other articles regarding Instagram issues.

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