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So you just finished installing the Fall Guys game from the Epic Games Store, and whenever you try to start the game, you press the button to proceed, there is an error.

A pop-up message that says “Connection error- Connection to the server timed out, please check the settings and try again” is one of the problems that keep participants from entering Fall Guys game.

fix fall guys connection error

How to fix Fall Guys Connection Error?

The error does not specify which parameter it relates to, even though it instructs gamers to check their settings. Whatever it says, the servers are congested, which is made worse by popular in-game events or the debut of a free-to-play/new platform.

Most of the time, this problem is caused by a server fault, therefore, the best thing you can do is check the Fall Guys’ official social media sites for any server-related updates.

Follow these steps to fix Fall Guys Connection Error:

Check Fall Guys Connection Status

You should first see how Fall Guys is doing right now if you’re having connection problems. Since the majority of the connection problem is server-related, Fall Guys’ servers may be down or malfunctioning.

You may check the game’s reported, verified, and resolved issues on Fall Guys’ Public Issue Tracker to see how things stand. Unfortunately, since most server-related problems can’t be resolved on your end, there’s little you can do if Fall Guys’ servers are down. If there are no reported faults on the servers, you can move on to the next remedy below.

Update Your Network Drivers

Your network drivers may be out-of-date or damaged, which affects your system’s connectivity. Update your network drivers to fix the issue if you have network-related issues outside of Fall Guys.

For help updating your network drivers on Windows, see the tutorial below:

  • By hitting Windows + X on your keyboard, you may first go to the Quick Menu on your computer.
  • Click Device Manager after that.
update network driver
  • Right-click on your network controller after expanding the Network Adapters pane.
  • To install the update, select Update Driver and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, restart your computer and return to Fall Guys to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Check Your Network Connection

It would be beneficial if your network was operating at peak performance because Fall Guys’ servers slow down when plenty of people are online. By doing this, you may keep a steady connection to Fall Guys’ servers and fewer connection problems will occur. may evaluate your network’s performance and determine its current speed. This may fix Fall Guys Connection Error. If the test reveals that the problem is with your network, restart your modem to re-establish contact with your service provider. Reconnect your router after waiting five to ten seconds after unplugging it from the power socket.

After that, run another test to see whether the issue has been resolved. If not, speak with your ISP and request that they improve their service.

Use A Wired Connection

Wi-Fi is far less reliable than a cable connection, which might be an issue if you’re playing online games. Connecting to a wireless network would make Fall Guys’ existing problems with their servers worse.

In this instance, in order to have the optimal network speed while playing Fall Guys, we advise using a wired connection. You can change to any connection after Fall Guys’ server issues have been resolved.

Close Unnecessary Programs

You would want to commit all of your bandwidth to the game when Fall Guys’ servers are down. In this scenario, we advise shutting unwanted apps on your computer to prevent idly using bandwidth.

To prevent Windows background programmes from running, follow these steps:

terminate unnecessary process from task manager

Click Task Manager after pressing your computer’s CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys.

Next, select the Network tab under Processes. This ought to place the programmes that consume the most bandwidth at the front of the list.

Finally, choose the programmes you’re not utilising and shut them off. Check-in with Fall Guys again to see if the situation has changed or if you can fix the connection error now.

Change Your DNS Settings

You cannot connect to websites and servers without DNS, which is one of the internet’s underlying infrastructures. If you have a connection difficulty on Fall Guys, it’s possible that your ISP’s default DNS is now having problems. Change to a third-party DNS in the meantime, such as OpenDNS or Google’s DNS, to address this. See the actions listed below to modify your DNS settings on Windows:

Right-click the Network icon in your computer’s System Tray and select Open Network & Internet Settings. Click Change Adapter Options after that.

change dns to fix fall guys connection error

Right-click your network now to enter the Properties menu.

Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) under Properties. This should fix Fall Guys Connection Error completely.

Next, switch on “Use the Following DNS” and enter the information below:

  • Preferred DNS:
  • Alternate DNS:

Report to Fall Guys Customer Care

It’s time to hand things over to the professionals if none of the aforementioned options worked for you.

submit a request

To report a connection issue with the game, visit the Fall Guys Help Center and get in touch with their support staff. To hasten the process, include any pertinent information on your reports, such as your account information, your service provider, and a screenshot of the issue. Additionally, you may go through their manuals to see if any other options can be found.

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