Programming a computer is the act of creating and deploying an executable computer programme to achieve a certain computing result.

  • c++ programming language

    What is C++ Programming Language?

    C++ Programming Language is a high-level language (some consider it mid-level also) developed as a better version of C language. It follows the object-oriented

  • unit testing and integration testing

    Unit Testing vs. Integration Testing of Software

    What is Software Testing? The term “software testing” sounds so simple, but the process of identifying and addressing software flaws is one of the h

  • sqlite - programming - database

    Everything you need to know about SQLite

    SQLite is a powerful and popular database for many reasons. It is free, portable, and easy to use. SQLite is the most widely used database in the world, with an

  • introduction to nodejs

    Nodejs: An Introduction and its Uses

    Node.js is a server-side runtime environment for running JavaScript scripts. Although it was first published in 2009, it’s had a significant effect since

  • switch statement

    Switch Statement in C and C++ ? Where to use Switch Case?

    A switch statement is a control flow statement, which allows us to decide which statement will be executed, based on a condition. A switch statement has several

  • functions in c programming

    What are functions in C and C++?

    Functions in C and C++ are named blocks of code that perform a specific task. They provide a way to organize and modularize code, making it easier to write, und

  • string in c++

    What is a String in C++?

    A string is a sequence of characters in C++. In other programming languages, a string is often represented as an array of characters. However, in C++, the stand

  • pointers in c and c++

    What is the Function of a Pointer in C and C++?

    A pointer in C and C++ allows direct memory manipulation, dynamic memory allocation, and implementation of data structures like linked lists and trees. When we

  • data types and modifiers

    Data Type and Modifiers in C Programming

    In C programming, a data type defines the type of information a variable can store and how the computer interprets that information. A compiler permanently stor

  • preprocessor in c

    What is a Preprocessor in C/C++?

    Have you ever thought about how computers know the commands you are writing? Have you seen that if you type the wrong syntax or data types, then it shows an err

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