How to Fix the Error “Android File Transfer Not Working”?

Android File Transfer is a practical transfer program for Android devices and Mac computers. With it, we can access and transfer files from an Android phone/tablet to Mac and vice versa. Although it is a helpful medium for Android and Mac, it might go wrong at times. If Android File Transfer is not working, how can we cope with it?

Please do not stress out, because you can repair it without effort. The following will explain the common causes of Android File Transfer not working and tricks to fix the software.

Main Causes of Android File Transfer Not Working

We have found these are the main reasons why Android File Transfer does not work on Mac:

  • Users choose the wrong option when connecting their Android devices to Mac.
  • The USB port or cable is damaged so that the connection is failed.
  • Some applications installed on your Mac influence the running of Android File Transfer.
  • The macOS is too old to support Android File Transfer.
  • The RAM on Mac or Android is insufficient.

How to Fix the Android File Transfer Not Working Issue

It is not difficult to fix Android File Transfer. Here are 7 useful tips you can use.

1. Check the USB Port and the USB Cable

Do you have another available USB cable for Android? If yes, you can use it to connect your Android device to the MacBook, and check if Android File Transfer works properly. In case it still doesn’t work, please plug the cable into another port on your Mac.

These steps aim at checking your USB port and data cable. If nothing works, then the problem is not on your cable or port.

usb port and the usb cable

2. Make a Correct Connection

To make an effective connection for data transmission, you are required to choose the “MTP” or “Transfer files” option on your Android device. Please check if you have done it correctly during the connection. If you choose “Charge this device”, you won’t be able to access your Android files even though Android File Transfer runs greatly.

Besides, there is another mistake that people often make – forgetting to enable the USB debugging feature on Android. To allow USB debugging, you can open the Settings app on your mobile device, and choose “About phone” > “Software information”. Then tap “Build number” 7 times, and enter your device passcode for confirmation. After that, return to the “Developer options” screen, and enable the “USB debugging” option.

usb debugging

3. Remove Kies and Smart Switch

If you are new to Android File Transfer, perhaps you don’t know that Android File Transfer is not compatible with Samsung Kies or Smart Switch. Thus, if you have installed Kies or Smart Switch, please remove it from your Mac computer first. Then try Android File Transfer again.

4. Reinstall Android File Transfer

Sometimes, perhaps things go wrong when you install the software on Mac. In this situation, you can reinstall Android File Transfer. Generally, it will work successfully after the second installation.

android file transfer

5. Update macOS

There is no requirement on the webpage of Android File Transfer. In other words, it supports most Android OSes. However, it only supports macOS 10.7 or upper. If your MacBook runs a lower version than macOS 10.7, please update it to the latest.

Please choose the “System Preferences” > “Software Update” > “Update Now” or “Upgrade Now” icon to start the update. After it shows you Mac is up to date, you can launch the Android File Transfer software and try it again.

update macos

6. Use an Alternative to Android File Transfer

Once you have used the previous tricks but the program is still not working, you can use an alternative. In addition to Android File Transfer, there are many powerful file transfer tools for Android and Mac. Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is one of them. This program can transfer a wide range of Android data, such as contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos, apps, etc.

Amazingly, it can back up and restore all the Android data in 1 click. Whether you want to transfer several files or back up all files, there is no quality loss. Moreover, it has multiple features to help you manage your Android data on Mac, like editing contacts, receiving and sending messages, taking screenshots of your Android device, and so on.

As long as you download and install it on your Mac, connect your Android device to the computer via USB. You can begin to transfer your data.

coolmuster android assistant

Of course, AirDroid, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other third-party apps can effectively transfer files between Android and Mac. You can select the most suitable one to complete your file transfer.

Final Thoughts

You can now fix Android File Transfer not working with 5 different tips, or replace it with another more powerful transfer program. Therefore, it is easy to solve this problem.

We also sincerely hope you will get out of the trouble and learn about more useful apps to transfer data on Mac. Then you will not be afraid of the program won’t work anymore.

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