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How to Fix ‘Error Accessing OLE Registry’ Problem?

OLE is a technology developed by Microsoft that enables users to create and manipulate objects in one application and then use them in other applications.

The OLE registry contains information about the different types of OLE objects available on the system, including their class identifiers, file extensions, and the programs used to handle them.

The OLE registry is used by the operating system to ensure that the correct program is launched when an OLE object is opened or edited and to ensure that the correct version of an OLE object is used by an application. The OLE registry is an important component of the Windows operating system and is essential for the proper functioning of many applications.

OLE registry (Object Linking and Embedding registry) is a database in the Windows operating system that stores information about Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) objects, which are used in applications to share data between different programs.

What is an error accessing the OLE registry?

When you install a new program into the computer, the OLE server included in the application would not have been installed, which is why the error occurred.

When such an error message is displayed on your monitor, you should follow these steps so as to fix the problem.

1. The first thing you would have to do is check whether you have logged into the computer as the Administrator or as a part of the local Administrator group.

2. Try to find the registry key causing the problem and then run regedt32.

3. Register the COM object again; your problem has been solved if it starts normally.

Reason and Solution 2

This issue may occur if the Outlook program is running in compatibility mode.

Let us follow the steps below and check if it helps:

  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\ClentX86 or ClientX64\Root\Office15.
  • Right click on Outlook.exe and go to Properties.
  • Now go to Compatibility tab and uncheck all the options that are checked. 

Sometimes the issue may be caused due to missing the .net framework in your system. So, make sure your system has installed to date .net framework.

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