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How to Delete Your Telegram Account or Channel Instantly?

You may permanently deactivate your Telegram channel or group after you’re done with it. The conversations and messages will all be permanently lost, and the channel or group will no longer be available.

This guide will assist you if you’ve reached the decision to remove your Telegram channel or group. This article will walk you through the process of deleting your Telegram channel or group. Here are the two ways to Delete Telegram Account:

Deleting Telegram On Android or iPhone

  • Select “Settings” from the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • Go to “Privacy and Security” and click.
  • Next, proceed to the “If Away for” section to get your account deleted instantly.
  • You may now choose the period of time after which your Telegram account will be permanently disabled. A choice of 1, 3, or 12 months is available. (Telegram has a default value of six months).
click on delete my account
  • Finally, if you don’t use your Telegram account or app for a pre-determined amount of time, the software will permanently wipe your account on your Android or iPhone, along with all of your messages and contacts.
click on advance setting

Delete Telegram On Desktop

Contrary to the earlier technique, this one is speedier and doesn’t require you to take an additional step to deactivate your Telegram account. Observe these steps:

  • On your PC or mobile device, use any online browser to search for “Telegram Deactivation.”
  • Enter the registered phone number that was used first to establish your Telegram account.
  • An OTP will now be delivered to you via the Telegram mobile app. Enter the same (within the following few minutes) to sign in to your Telegram account through the browser.
  • Select the “Delete Account” option from the “Telegram Core” section. The reason for cancelling your Telegram account must be entered.
  • Finally, select “Yes, remove my account” from the window to permanently deactivate your Telegram account.

Is deleting your Telegram Account or Channel OK?

You should if you’re even asking yourself this question in the first place. You could wish to remove your channel or group for various reasons. Inactivity could be the cause of one of them.

To be honest, growing a Telegram channel or keeping up a Telegram group is laborious. It’s not something you set up once and leave there forever. You must still put in the effort to ensure engagement and inform your followers of any new developments. You could also wish to remove or deactivate your Telegram account as a reason. Another issue can be that there aren’t enough participants.

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