How to Create Your First Email Marketing Campaign?

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the best forms of internet marketing when you are marketing your business or products online. With email marketing, you can send promotional emails to customers.

Many business owners have used email marketing as a simple, inexpensive, and highly effective tool. If you want to refine your overall marketing strategy, sometimes it is time to create an email marketing campaign.

Here’s how you can begin creating and launching your very first campaign:

Define Objectives of the Campaign

Begin by determining the objective of your email marketing campaign. What purpose will the email convey? Most campaigns contain emails that educate their user base, announce events, or promote products and services.

Decide on a call to action you want the email readers to perform and what counts as measurable success metrics for your campaign. It is also imperative to know your email contact lists and which lists of people you want the email to be sent to.

Service Providers

When creating an email marketing campaign, you will often be required to send bulk emails and track them. Email platforms are ill-equipped for that, so it is highly recommended that you consider choosing and using email marketing service providers like Mail Chimp.

Mailchimp allows you to create and manage email databases and furnishes you with campaign management services and free-to-use customisable email templates, simplifying your process even further. Make sure to import the email addresses of your existing and potential customers and set up email lists within Mail Chimp.

Using Mail Chimp, create and name your email marketing campaign with something concise that you can identify with no risk of confusing it with other subsequent email marketing campaigns. One good recommendation would be to name your campaign with the purpose, followed by the date. After that, set up tracking measures. You will typically be able to view them through the Reports Overview page.

Email Creation

After the campaign is created and named, you will be required to create the email sent to existing or potential customers. Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp usually provide customisable templates for users to make configurations. Include your corporation’s logo, address, and contact details with social sites and your business website links.

Come up with strong subject lines to further compel readers into opening your emails, and include attractive headlines and advantage- or feature-driven content. The content of your email should be engaging but short, with a heavy focus on features or benefits that are advantageous to email readers. In addition, the email should also contain an excellent text-to-image ratio, balancing out the whole visual aspect.


Upon completion, your campaign is now ready to send and test out. Schedule your emails and test out the performance of your emails based on the open and click rates. Experiment with different timings and days to see if the effectiveness increases.

It will allow you to find the optimal timing for your emails to be received—the exact timing can be used for other email marketing campaigns. Determine a specific length of time for your email marketing campaign before looking at the performance results.

Mail Chimp allows users to track both open and click rates. Look at how often your emails are opened, identify which links are clicked on the most, and analyse other relevant data that can be used for your next marketing strategy. This enables you to make changes for re-targeting and further improve results.

If you have managed to complete all the steps mentioned above, you will have successfully created your very first email marketing campaign!

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