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How to change Facebook page name? Step by Step

There are many reasons you might want to change your Facebook page name. Maybe you created your page when you first started and your business has since grown.

Or maybe you rebranded, and you want your page name to match your new identity. Whatever the reason, changing your Facebook page name is relatively easy to do.

If you want to change your Facebook page name, but Facebook does not allow you to change Facebook page name, then here we are able to give some tricks to change your page name easily.

Change Facebook Page Name

Going back two years, Facebook allowed admins to change their Facebook page name before the page reached 200 likes. Once the page had 200 or more than 200 likes, it was nearly impossible for the admin to change the page name. Now the trend has changed, and to overcome such limitations, we will share the trick to changing page names on Facebook.

We are sure you must have tried earlier as well to change the page name, but alas! You must have encountered an error, and therefore you are here. In the post, we will also highlight the common troubleshooting and errors faced while changing the Facebook page name.

Page Name or Username?

Guys, it’s high time we clear the doubts between the two since many Facebook page admins are confused between the two. Your page name and username are different things; the page name can be seen from under the profile picture or, let’s say, DP. The user name, also known as the URL or the address of the Facebook page, can be seen beneath the page name.

In short, page name means the title and the username are the address of your FB page. When someone tags your page, your page name will appear as tagged but not your username.

How To Change Facebook Page Name?

For everyone, whether a new admin or an already experienced one, while you are creating the page on Facebook, the first thing that will be asked of you is to name the page. Maybe on an experimental basis, you must have named ABC, and now while you are selling the ideas or products on the page and you are receiving positive reviews, you would like to change the Facebook page name.

Since you have already decided to change your Facebook page name to match your business, products, or ideas, follow the steps provided here.

  1. On your Facebook page, click on About from the left side.
  2. Besides the name, click on edit.
  3. Enter a new name or the desired name for your Facebook page. Approximately you are allowed to enter the name within 75 characters.
  4. Click Continue and verify the information you have entered is correct or not.
  5. Now click on Request Change.

The Facebook team will revive your request to change the page name, and your request will be approved within three days. If necessary, the team may contact you for further verification. You will receive an approval email from the Facebook team to change the Facebook page name. The changes made to the Facebook page name will be visible to your fans and audience. They will receive notification of the changes.

change facebook page name

Error Message/ Unable to Change Facebook Page Name

This is the most common issue faced by the admin of the Facebook pages while changing the name. Looking at the problem, there are possibilities for you are encountering the problem. The following are the common reasons-

  • You have recently changed the Facebook page name like within the last seven days.
  • You are not the authorised person to work on this action. To do so, kindly check with the page admin to grant permission.
  • Many users create other or fake Facebook profiles to manage and administer the page. It would be wise of you to add and sync your real Facebook account with the Facebook page as an admin to change the page name.
  • There is a verification procedure for your profile as a Facebook page admin. You need to review the verification process first to confirm and approve yourself as an admin.

Name Change Denied? Why?

If not an error, then the chances are you will be denied for changing the Facebook Page name, making you wonder all the time why Facebook did so. There is, again, a set of rules and guidelines to be followed designed by the Facebook team.

  • You might have violated the rules set by the Facebook team. Facebook does not allow or entertain abusive terms or phrases in the Facebook page name. If your newly changed name request includes words that are against someone’s right, your request to change your Facebook page name will be denied.
  • Ensure there are no grammatical errors like capitalisation of the letters, symbols or improper punctuation.
  • Do not enter the long slogan or descriptive page name. Try to keep it short. The description can be entered into the about section of the page.
  • If you are using the word “Facebook,” make sure you do not make any variations on it. To learn more, check out Brand Resources.
  • Do not use such words, which can mislead the audience, thinking it is an official Facebook page.
  • From the verification process, the team ensures no fake Facebook pages or names.
  • Do not only include generic words like Cricket. The page should be managed and handled by the official, authoritative team or person related to the topic.
  • Kindly do not create the name based on a generic geographical location like California. You can make the unique one that includes the generic geographical location name, like Citizens of California, CA.

For all these changes, Facebook takes some time to make on the page because of the verification process and trying to check for the need for the request. We have often observed that when the business-related Facebook name is changed to the new one, Facebook takes time and views no connection between the old and new names. To overcome this limitation, you can first change the username (the address of the Facebook Page name must match the original name of the Facebook page), which requires no verification, and then submit it for the change of the page name. This solution should work since it has many users and admins.

Change Username – Procedure

Once you have created the Facebook page and produced a name, Facebook will generate the default username for the page, which can be changed according to your wish. The default Facebook page username would look like this: Following this username for your Facebook page is difficult to remember, and also, for your fans, it is tough to look on the site.

Earlier, Facebook had restricted the Facebook page admins to change their usernames two times. The second chance was the final one, so the admin had to be very careful while creating or modifying the username for the second time.

Now it seems Facebook has overlooked the limitation, and therefore you can change your Facebook page username whenever you want and however you want your audience to remember.

  1. On your Facebook page, on the left side, click on “About.”
  2. Besides username, click on EDIT.
  3. Within 50 characters, you can set the new username. (for better readability, it is suggestive for you to capitalise the first letter of each word)
  4. Facebook will cross verify the unique username you have entered and if it shows available, check the spelling properly.
  5. Click on Create Username.
  6. Update your list and link now with the new one replacing the old.

Can’t Change the Username/ Error while changing the username

The Facebook team lays down specific rules for changing the username, and there is a possibility you must have violated it. You can check those rules on the Facebook help centre tab.

You have to make sure the username you have entered is unique and different. You cannot use the username of other profiles or Facebook pages.
The username has to be five characters long, including no generic terms or extensions like .com, .net
For the username, you can only use alphanumeric characters, i.e. A-Z and 0-9 or from symbols, full stop. Although capitalisations and the period “.” are not part of the username.
To create or change the page username, you must be an admin.
You should be aware of the guidelines laid down by the Facebook team and follow them to avoid errors while changing the username for the Facebook page.
You should be aware that until your Facebook page has received 25 likes, you will not be able to create the username as an admin.

  • Under this method, you have to ensure you are the admin of the page and follow the guidelines. This method has to be assembled from the PC.
  • Log in to the Facebook page you own and click on “About” visible from under the Facebook cover photo. Do not worry if you don’t find it under the picture; click on PAGE INFO from the left tab.
  • Click on PAGE NAME option> EDIT from the right side.
  • Enter the NEW NAME for your Facebook page. Make sure to enter the name for the final time, as it cannot be undone or changed again.
  • Click “CONTINUE” at the bottom of the page. Before you click “Continue,” check the spelling of the new name on the Facebook page. Now click on REQUEST CHANGE, which the Facebook team will consider.
  • Just in case you do not find the option to edit or change the Facebook page name, the chances are:
  • You are not the authorised person to change the Facebook page name. Kindly contact the admin of the page.
  • Recently you or another admin of the page have changed the name.
  • Maybe the option to change your Facebook page name is not available in the location you are residing in.

Trick 3

Under this method, you have to change the location to the USA as the feature to change the Facebook page name is only available to the citizens of the USA. To change the location, install the HOLA PROXY Chrome extension on the browser.

  • First of all, download and install the HOLA PROXY on the Google Chrome browser.
  • After the installation of the extension, open Facebook on the same browser.
  • From the top right-hand corner of the browser, click on the HOLA PROXY extension icon.
  • Select the USA under the country. The location has been changed now to the USA from whatever it was previously.
  • Your Facebook will refresh itself after the location is changed to the USA. Now you can log in to the Facebook page with the required credentials.
  • Now go to the page that already has more than 200 likes.
  • On the Facebook page, click UPDATE INFO and EDIT NAME.
  • Click on REQUEST CHANGE, which was not visible before you changed the location to the USA.
  • Right-click on it and launch it on a separate tab.
  • 11. Change your Facebook page name according to your desire. Make sure to check the number of likes you have on the page before changing the Facebook page name. From 2017, it is compulsory to have a minimum of 200 likes on the page to enable the option of changing the Facebook name.
  • Provide the authentic reason when asked, “Why do you want to change your page name?” You can select any option from the suggestive drop-down list. As per our suggestion, please select the I AM REBRANDING MY PAGE option to avoid hassles.
  • Create a list of reasons why you want to change the Facebook page name and update the doc on Facebook. If needed, you can even upload snapshots of your business website.
  • Click check on the box and then on the send button.
    From the Facebook team, you will receive a message prompt saying, “You will receive an
    Within 2-3 days, your Facebook page name will appear to have changed.

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