Future of IT Support Engineer – Salary Requirement Growth

Technical support engineers assist in addressing technical difficulties involving various computer system components, including software, hardware, and other network-related IT issues.

When a new employee starts working as a support engineer, he or she learns about many different areas of technology-related issues, whether it’s answering questions, talking to customers, or resolving issues. Despite having only a few years of experience, they are extremely proficient in a particular field.

Depending on the technology and organisation, a technical support engineer’s typical pay ranges from 4 LPA to 9 LPA. Overall, depending on the project or task, technical support engineers gain expertise in a variety of fields.

As there are many technical professions open to them, a new support engineer would have a lot of room for advancement and may later transition to a different route.

Overall, based on the tools or technologies you specialise in for a future job transition, I would say that the IT Support Engineer profession is clearly growing in various domains.

Although technical assistance may offer you a respectable starting salary, there are no opportunities for promotion in the sector in the future. Additionally, if you switch organisations, your experience testimony will be useless. If you decide to rejoin as tech support again, you will benefit from it.

average annual salary of it support engineer

This job description isn’t all that great. In the unlikely event that you have no other options, you may join but keep looking for alternative job profiles in some organisations.

Salary after 5 years as an IT Support Engineer

At the beginning of IT Support Engineering, one might get a package of around 3-4 LPA. However, with experience and knowledge after 5 years. People can secure around 10-12 LPA in future. Also, Job responsibility increases and one might be promoted from L1 to L2 or Senior Support Engineer roles.

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