Fix CS:GO console disappearing issue [100% fix]

Every time you open the console and start typing, the Fix CS: GO console? This could be very frustrating. Let’s see how to fix this.

This problem is caused by the language setting of your Windows operating system. European, German and French/Canadian users (among others) are affected by this for the most part.

Most tactical shooters have a menu with all the tools you’ll need to adjust your settings. Counter-Strike, on the other hand, isn’t like most tactical shooters. There is a settings menu in CS: GO, but it is nothing spectacular. You may tweak your mouse sensitivity, update your HUD, and experiment with your crosshair settings. But that’s all there is to it. When compared to the console, it’s nothing.

Fix CS:GO console

You may utilise the console to customise your settings and improve your game. The console is for you if you wish to update your settings on the fly or assign keys and commands. When it comes to the console in CS:GO, the possibilities are practically limitless.

If you are using a non-American English keyboard setting, then you will need to either reset your keyboard to be United States English, or you will need to bind your console key to a different character than the default “~” key.

Try the below Fixes to Solve CS: GO Console Issue

Fix 1:

Set your keyboard to ‘English’ and your keyboard setting to ‘United States’.

You do this by:

  1. going to your control panel
  2. selecting “Regional and Language Options”
  3. select the “Languages” tab
  4. select “Details”
  5. add English(United States) – US
  6. hit apply

Fix 2:

Whenever you pop up the console, simply press the A, E, I, O or U and hit <backspace>. After that, you can enter your command.

Fix 3:

Bind another key to the “toggleconsole” command. Not all keys will bind to the console; avoid any normal typing characters or numbers.

Function Keys work well for this (F1 – F12).

You may need to edit your config.cfg or userconfig.cfg files to add the bind (use Notepad).

For example:

bind “F12” “toggleconsole”

The usual default is:

bind “~” “toggleconsole”

How to open the console in CSGO?

You must first enable the console in the settings menu before you can use it. From the main menu, select Options in the upper right corner of the screen, then Game Settings, then Enable Developer Console. It should be set to “yes.”

The tilde key () is the console’s default key binding. However, if you wish to alter it, go to the Keyboard / Mouse settings, scroll down to Toggle Console, and select your binding from the right-hand box. There’s nothing wrong with using a tilde, but the F-keys are a more practical option. After you’ve activated the console and assigned it to a key, you may access it from the main menu or during a match.

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