10 Most Popular Educational Android and iOS Apps for Adults

Numerous Android and iOS apps are available for parents and others who wish to assist adults in furthering their education. Worry no more, we have created a list of the 10 most popular Educational Android apps, which could help you in learning anytime and anywhere.

Many of today’s most downloaded apps are designed to help their users learn something new, whether it’s a language, a skill like arithmetic, or anything else. Although some apps are only available in certain regions, others are accessible worldwide.

This blog post will discuss the top 10 most popular educational apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps are fantastic for all age groups, especially adults.

Most of these Apps are free or in-app purchases. Or there could be paid version of it. But most of them are free or have an ads-banner in them.

10 most popular educational android and ios apps for adults


Ever wondered about learning new Language? It’s simple with Duolingo. Even though learning a new language is rarely simple, the free Duolingo programme makes it much simpler.

There are more than 30 languages available on Duolingo, which also provides entertaining courses in the form of mini-games.

Every day, it will poke you to remind you, and each lesson lasts, on average, only five minutes. 5 minutes each day to learn a completely new language? That really exists.

Although you may pay to restore your in-game health or to restart a learning streak if you mistakenly took a day off, using it is entirely free.



BrainScape is a new type of learning platform in which the user focuses on learning through the flashcard method. According to Brainscape, employing flashcards can quadruple your rate of learning. The repetition of each topic is properly timed by Brainscape, enhancing your memory retention.

Brainscape will choose the appropriate moment to administer another quiz based on how well you understand each idea. User-generated flashcards may be found, shared, and created for free. A pro subscription costs $10 per month, $42 every six months, or $60 annually.

A lifetime subscription costs $120, or at least two years’ worth of service, assuming you’re committed enough and confident that you’ll continue with it.

With a subscription, you may make flashcards without advertisements and have access to endless premium content and features like bookmarks, browse mode, and card reversibility.


More than 4000 courses were being offered by 150 universities through Coursera in 2021, including prestigious institutions like Yale University, University of London, Stanford University, and others, as well as industry leaders like Google, Meta, and IBM.

Codeacademy Go

Basic coding abilities are one of the criteria for many employment today, especially in the IT industry, making coding one of the most in-demand talents. According to some studies, knowing how to code will soon be necessary. Therefore, Codeacademy Go is an app you can trust if you want to learn to code or improve your coding abilities. It is a fantastic software for teaching novices how to code and has courses focused on many coding-related subjects.

At the conclusion of each session, there is a quiz that you may take to test your knowledge. You will gain knowledge in web development and several coding languages, including HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, and SQL.


Highrise – Virtual Metaverse

Learning need not be confined to the classroom. The improvement of your social skills is also a part of it. In the social networking software Highrise, you may make your own avatars speak privately or in groups with other users, go to virtual events, construct your own virtual worlds, and much more.

You may participate in a lot of entertaining activities on the app and network with new people in the metaverse.


How can we forget the most widely used app that puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips? You are aware of the website, and it is also available as a mobile app. Whatever the subject, including history, arithmetic, physics, entertainment, and much more, Wikipedia can quickly increase your understanding of it.

A lot of the app’s content is accompanied by graphics that help you understand what you are reading.


There are several applications available that will completely teach you the English language. What about an app that allows you to pick your own trainer and offers sessions that are specifically designed for you

Would it help you reach your language learning objectives? The best part is that you can do this whenever you want, wherever you are, and at your own speed. Sounds awesome, no? The AmazingTalker app accomplishes just that.

The app provides video instruction, quizzes, and articles to help you improve your communication abilities.

Khan Academy

Education costs can be high. Thanks to Khan Academy, you can brush up on everything from K–12 arithmetic and earth science to art history and computer science thanks to their more than 4,000 free, downloadable videos. Additionally, you may monitor your development and open simple achievements.

khan academy


The Mendeley app is a no-brainer if you currently use Mendeley Desktop to organise your research sources and work with classmates.

Considering that the software is a PDF viewer, you may directly on your mobile device annotate and search through the journal articles you require for your paper or your assigned readings.

The software will sync your mobile notes with your PC once you’re back there to keep you organised.


Quizlet is a fantastic tool that makes the basic into something valuable. The sole purpose of the software is to utilise flashcards. Listen to us out before you roll your eyes and declare that the study technique is archaic. Text, graphics, and audio are all combined on the upgraded platform.

This software is a useful tool whether you’re studying for an impending exam or planning a comprehensive study plan for the entire semester or year. The interactive platform may also be used for peer collaboration, exam and assignment discussion, and feedback sharing.

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