How to Delete Hundreds of Unwanted emails in Gmail

Many people receive unwanted emails daily. These can be newsletters, advertisements, or other emails that are not important. Deleting these emails one at a time can be very time-consuming.

You’re not alone if you have hundreds or thousands of unread emails taking up valuable storage space in your Gmail inbox. Maintaining a clean inbox is a difficult chore. Only a handful of us is careful enough to complete this work. The rest continue to let it pile up one by one.

Overflowing inboxes are inconvenient for finding important emails and can also slow down your mobile Gmail app. The issue arises because Gmail does not provide a mechanism to remove unwanted emails in bulk. The maximum number of emails you may choose at one time is 100. Add in the fact that you must manually choose and unselect the emails you want to keep and delete.

However, there is a way to remove emails in your Gmail inbox in bulk. The trick’s sole drawback is that it only works with Gmail on the web. This is what you must do.

How to mass delete emails from your Gmail inbox?

You must first deal with any emails that you require and do not want to be deleted from your inbox. To avoid being erased by the technique, either designate all of them as unread or transfer them to a different folder.

Then, open your email and put the command: read into the search field, then press enter. Gmail will organize and display all of the emails you’ve previously seen. Using the check box option, select all of the messages at once.

When you choose the 50 or 100 messages that Google allows, you will now get an option to “select all conversations that match this search” alongside the grey message of selection.

You should make sure that none of the emails you wish to keep is chosen at this stage. Uncheck them if you have them. Your inbox’s interface will revert to the choose all chats option.

To remove all of the read emails you’ve chosen, go to the taskbar and click the Trash icon.

When you click the Trash icon, Gmail will ask you to confirm that you want to delete emails in bulk. When you click OK, all of the chosen emails will be deleted.

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