8 Online Paraphrasing Tools to Use in 2023

Rewriting old content in a new and plagiarism-free version has never been easier. Paraphrasing tools allow you to convert existing text by replacing words with suitable synonyms and changing sentence structures while keeping the central theme or idea intact.

Using paraphrasing tools, you can easily transform several hundred words into something new and better which saves your time. You can go online and find a bunch of such tools but not all of these are good for you. There are some tools that are faster and more accurate, and these are the ones we will be looking at shortly.

Online Paraphrasing Tools


This amazing paraphraser tool stands out for its ease of use and fast paraphrasing speed. Its layout is quite simple and there is a step-by-step guide to using the tool on the main page which helps save time.

Most users prefer this platform since it contains very few ads and offers very high-accuracy results. This tool can help you proofread the material faster, add new and relevant content, and generate citations that help you avoid plagiarism.

This tool comes with a summarizer that allows you to figure out what a certain piece of text is about. You can improve your writing skills using this amazing tool because it helps you detect and remove grammatical as well as spelling errors.

This free AI content generator supports various languages and can help you convert about 10,000 characters or 1000 words in one go which is pretty impressive.

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Supports Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, etc.
  • Can help you summarize the text
  •  Creates unique and high-quality creative material
  •  Improves text to maintain near-human readability
  •  Paraphrases 80% of the content to remove plagiarism altogether 


Plagiarism changer has the ability to rewrite content with more than 5000 characters in a matter of a few minutes. This amazing tool is most known for its simplicity, AI proofreading and paraphrasing, and the ability to create content with minimal plagiarism.

 This tool helps you identify plagiarism and gives you the most relevant suggestions based on the context of the material. The built-in plagiarism checker ensures each phrase and line with plagiarism comes to light so that you are able to remove it for 100% plagiarism-free content.

This tool allows you to copy the paraphrased content in one step by just clicking on the button present in the output box. This paraphrasing tool takes your security very seriously and protects your content using foolproof methods.         

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Offers easy and quick paraphrasing
  • Can convert 5000 characters with ease
  • Helps you create 100% plagiarism-free material
  • Can be used for educational as well as SEO purposes
  • Can detect and remove plagiarism in one place

3.     Writing Universe

This is another great tool for writers who sometimes struggle to find the right words. This tool can rephrase your content in 4 simple self-explanatory steps.

This tool offers you more customization options. You can choose the lines or words from the text that you want to leave as it is and not paraphrase. This tool is 100% free, meaning you don’t have to register, signup, or subscribe to convert the text.

This amazing tool can help students find the best ways to express their thoughts and view about any subject matter. It allows you to paraphrase the content in simple, advanced, or automatic wording levels.

Use this tool if you are looking for something that is secure, fast, and highly accurate when it comes to paraphrasing.    

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • You can either copy/paste or upload the entire file
  • It allows selective content or words to remain the same
  • Can paraphrase in simple as well as advanced level
  • Can work with any type of text and multiple languages
  • Free-to-use service with great user experience 

4.     Writesonic

This amazing tool only takes a few seconds (about 15) to convert your long essays, and SEO articles into something new. The tool can paraphrase about 1500 words in one go which saves a bunch of your time and energy.

With this tool, you can make your content lengthy or short as per your need. This tool allows you to rewrite product descriptions, SEO articles, etc., in over 25 different languages.

This tool is extremely effective for writing creative articles with very high readability. This paraphraser is faster than most such tools and that is quite clear by the fact that it can rephrase articles with over 1000 words in a matter of a few seconds.

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Can be used for educational, SEO, and advertisement purposes
  • Includes a content expander and a shorten as well
  • Comes with a sleek UI and a very fast speed
  • Offers the most distinctive and engaging output       

5. Outwrite

With this great tool, you can easily create content of different types based on your needs. You can convert it into a more casual, formal, or creative form. You can also increase or decrease the number of words, which helps you keep the word count in check.

To completely remove plagiarism, this tool rearranges the sentences and alters the grammar of the content. Use this tool if you wish to change the content style, tone, and feel. You can also change active sentences to passive and vice versa which further ensures minimum plagiarism.

This tool supports content written in a number of mainstream languages and new ones are being added on a regular basis.   

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • You can choose the tone and style of your text
  • Paraphrase with zero plagiarism and high readability
  • Can help you write casual as well as formal text
  • Can expand or shorten the text
  • Increases clarity, flow, and accuracy of the material


This is another simple yet effective tool that can help you rewrite old content with high readability. This tool chooses the most suitable synonym to replace some old words based on the context.

This tool allows you to perform multiple paraphrasing operations on the content and each time the result is something different. This free tool doesn’t ask for any registration or sign up which saves time.

You can use it to rewrite academic essays, SEO content, and blogs to attract more readers. This tool is especially useful for inserting keywords into your articles in the most natural and organic manner for better SEO.

So, use this tool if you find it hard to rewrite the same content again and again and we assure you that you will find the results quite satisfactory.

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Can make your writing error-free and more refined
  • Allows you to upload and remove content with one click
  • Shows original and paraphrased results adjacently
  • Offers very high content accuracy and variability
  • There are very few ads to interrupt the paraphrasing process 

7. Content Bot

The best thing about this tool is that it can convert more than 2000 words with just one simple click. It has an interactive layout which gives the most user-friendly experience.

This tool makes sure the new content that you paraphrase has very high readability as well as uniqueness level. This tool allows you to paraphrase either the whole text or just a few sentences based on your needs.

This tool supports over 110 languages which means no matter where you live or what language you speak, you can use this tool and paraphrase anything.

This tool makes the best use of AI by analyzing your content for things like complexity, readability, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. Thus, the final material is quite accurate, relevant, and consistent with the context. 

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Support 110+ languages
  • Can be used to write playful as well as formal text
  • Generates accurate and fast results
  • Offers foolproof security for your paraphrasing data
  • Its UI is quite impressive 


Last but not the least, this genius paraphrasing tool stands out for its word count capacity, UI, and unlimited paraphrasing feature. This tool offers the best experience in terms of accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

This tool is very simple to use and there is a complete step-by-step guide that you can follow to make sure you don’t make any mistakes while paraphrasing.

Using this tool, you can paraphrase about 5000 characters at a time. This means you can use this tool for rewriting long essays, product reviews, and large pdfs with ease.

Users love this platform since it offers the best security for their content. Whatever you paraphrase using this tool is deleted after a certain period of time so that no one else can access it or use it for their advantage.

8 online paraphrasing tools to use in 2023

Key Features

  • Can paraphrase large texts and files in no time
  • Creates 100% plagiarism-free material
  • Great both for web-based as well as academic content
  • No requirement for signup or registration charges
  • Choose the most suitable words and phrases to replace

Benefits of Using a Paraphrasing Tool

Using a paraphrasing tool has several advantages for both academic as well as non-academic writers. These tools allow you to completely eliminate plagiarism and make your content error-free, and consistent with the main theme.

Using these tools, you can easily convert your essays, thesis, and SEO content for better results. Paraphrasing tools can save you both your time as well as energy which you can spend on writing more creative material.

These tools can also detect any grammar, spelling, or sentence agreement mistakes for you which increases the accuracy and value of your content.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what some of the best paraphrasing tools are that you can use for free to get the best results. Most of these tools have been used by millions of people all across the globe.

We have picked these tools after carefully considering things like security, user experience, speed, and most importantly, accuracy. We are certain that if you tried any one or more of these paraphrasing tools, you would never have to worry about wasting your time while paraphrasing.

We really hope you have found this list of 10 best paraphrasing tools useful, and we wish you the very best in finding a tool that suits your needs and delivers the best output.

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