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5 Reasons Why Your Google or Facebook Ads Get Rejected

Are you running Google or Facebook ads and getting frustrated because your ads keep getting rejected? At some point in time, advertisers of all experience levels face the frustration of ad disapproval.

You might be wondering why your ads are getting rejected when everything looks fine, and there should be no reason for ads to be rejected.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss five common reasons why your Google or Facebook ads get rejected and what you can do to fix the issue.

Your ad copy is misleading or inaccurate

The wording in advertisements that is either incorrect or misleading is a common reason for their rejection. It is possible for this to occur if your advertisement makes claims that are not supported by your website or if it contains information that is not reliable.

Your advertisement will most likely not be accepted if it asserts that the advertised product is “the greatest,” but your website does not support such a claim. To prevent this from happening, check to see that the copy on your advertisement is truthful and accurate.

Your ad image is unclear or misleading

If the advertisement’s image is ambiguous or gives the wrong impression, it may also be rejected. This typically occurs when the image is either too small or fails to depict the service or commodity being advertised adequately.

If you’re trying to sell a book, but your ad features a picture of a person instead of the book, you may expect it to be rejected. To avoid this, your ad’s image should be both legible and pertinent to the product or service being promoted.

Your ad violates the platform’s policies

When advertising goods or services on a website, you are obligated to abide by the platform’s guidelines at all times. Advertisements that do not comply with these criteria have a greater chance of being removed. For instance, it is against the regulations of Facebook to advertise anything that might be construed as illegal.

If your advertisement supports the sale of counterfeit goods or illegal narcotics or contains connections to websites, it will certainly be removed. You can avoid this situation by being familiar with the regulations and standards provided by the advertising platform before you begin creating your advertisement.

Your ad is not targeted properly

Lack of specificity in your ad’s targeting is another typical cause of rejection. This occurs when you try to promote your goods on a website that does not permit such promotions. For instance, Facebook does not permit the promotion of alcoholic beverages using the platform’s advertising options. You can avoid this by checking that your target platform accepts adverts for your specific product.

Your ad account is not in good standing

Finally, your advertising could be disapproved if your ad account is in bad standing. When this happens, it’s usually because you’ve broken the platform’s rules or have a history of posting false or deceptive advertisements. If your advertising account is inactive, you can typically have it reinstated by contacting the platform in question and describing the problem.


Now you know why your ads may be disapproved or rejected by Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Try to avoid the mentioned mistakes to avoid the hassle and run your ad campaign successfully.

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