25 Free SEO Tools to Increase Website Traffic in 2024

We all know the importance of SEO tools. However, most SEO tools can cost an arm and a leg. But the good news is that there are also free SEO tools.

Some of these tools are free for everyone, while others are limited feature versions from premium SEO companies such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. If you are into search engine optimization and want to improve the SEO on your website or blog, then you can always turn to these free SEO tools.

Here are 25 of the best free SEO tools to help your website traffic increase in 2023:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the web.

Google Analytics provides a robust set of tools for understanding website traffic and optimizing website performance. Google Analytics can help answer important questions about your website, such as:

· How much traffic does my website get?
· What are the most popular pages on my website?
· How do visitors find my website?
· What are the demographic characteristics of my website visitors?
· What are the interests of my website visitors?

Google Analytics is a free service that anyone with a website can use. The numerous benefits of using Google Analytics include tracking website traffic, understanding visitor behaviour, and optimising website performance.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free online tool that allows users to explore and analyse data. The free tool has a variety of features that make it an ideal tool for SEO professionals. It includes tools to help users view data in different ways, track changes over time, and create charts and graphs. Data Studio also has a built-in search function that makes it easy to find specific information.


Semrush is one of the best SEO tools that can be used to find the best keyword and search traffic. You can use this tool to find keywords that your target audience wants. This tool provides free tools and reports to analyze your site speed, backlinks, competition, SEO features, etc.

Semrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence tool that helps you research and analyze your competitors online. You can use Semrush to uncover your competitor’s most valuable keywords, track their rankings, and spy on their PPC and display advertising campaigns. Semrush also provides a suite of tools to help you optimize your own website for better search engine visibility.

The benefits of using Semrush are many. With Semrush, you can quickly and easily gain insights into your competitor’s online marketing strategies. This information can help you adjust your marketing plans to compete in your market better. Semrush also provides tools to help you track your own website’s performance and optimize it for better search engine visibility. Overall, Semrush is a handy tool for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs is a popular online tool among free SEO tools that webmasters can use to track their website’s search engine rankings. Ahrefs offers several different tools that can be used to optimise a website, including keyword research and competitor analysis.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service that offers many functions that improve the experience of all its users. The main objective of this service is to help improve users’ experience, whether by optimising a site or collecting data about traffic for the use of SEO or analytics.

The main purpose of this service is to help businesses identify potential problems and make better decisions regarding the site. This is done by ensuring that the owners of sites receive alerts for such problems, creating reports about a particular set of information, and allowing site owners to create new tools. Bing Webmaster Tools is a service that provides a free set of tools that help users optimize the experience of their website. Bing Webmaster Tools allows a webmaster to track and analyze the different things that occur on their site and create tools to help them improve their website.

Search Search Console

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool that allows website owners to track and analyze their online visibility and performance. It also provides insights into your website’s performance in Google Search. It also helps you diagnose and fix your site’s problems and monitor your search ads’ performance.

Link Redirect Trace

  • The Link Redirect Trace extension enables you to determine whether your redirects are SEO-friendly or detrimental to your website by displaying: “standard” redirects in the HTTP header, for example, 301, 302, 303, 307, FAKE 307
  • Javascript redirects;
  • single and multiple META Refresh redirects.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a keyword research tool that allows users to use Google’s suggested keyword tools like Google Adwords, Bing, and other keyword tools for free. Keyword Hero allows you to find high-performing keywords specific to your website. It is a free keyword search tool that helps to find long-tail keyword phrases to increase the quality of your search engine optimization.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a free website and file analyzer for Windows. The free version crawls up to 500 links. It should be enough for many small websites. This is a useful tool for those who want to find web pages on a website. It provides a list of files and the website that was used to generate them. This is among one of my favorite free SEO tools.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is a desktop-based tool, where you can check the SEO settings for any website. It provides you with free tools like SEO SpyGlass.

This tool helps to improve your online presence and SEO strategy. This is the best tool to check your keywords and backlinks, competitors’ keywords and pages, etc.

Dead Link Checker

The Dead Link Checker tool will help you to analyse your link-building strategy and fix your site’s broken links. It is the best tool for checking dead links on websites and finding out how many broken links you have on your own site. This tool will guide you through the entire process of finding broken links and will show you the exact details of the link, including the URL, the anchor text, the title, etc.


SEOptimer is a Website Audit & Reporting platform that can look at a website completely in less than 30 seconds. It gives a review and report of the important things Search Engines look at when ranking a page, as well as things that users care about, like how fast the page loads and how easy it is to use on a mobile device.

SEOptimer will do a detailed SEO Analysis on 100 data points from your website and give you clear, actionable suggestions for improving your online presence and ranking higher in Search Engine Results.

Marketers may identify the contact information linked with any domain using a program called Hunter, which is an email hunter. This is an excellent solution for businesses that fill their pipeline by sending unsolicited emails to potential customers. In addition, Email Hunter may be used to validate email addresses and do tasks in bulk.

Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO tool that allows you to analyse and optimise your page’s SEO, ranking, etc. Rank Math uses the Rank Math plugin, which allows you to generate pages that Google will consider as similar as possible. This plugin will help you to get good rankings and improve your page’s SEO in the future.

Yoast SEO

This is another tool for search engine optimization of your WordPress blog, website or any social media page. This tool is available in three different versions: premium, free and premium. With the help of this tool, you can track your SEO and get suggestions to increase your website’s performance.

PageSpeed Insights by Google

PageSpeed Insights is a free web service where you can check your website speed, crawl errors, backlinks, keywords, etc. You can check your page’s performance by analyzing your CSS, JavaScript, images, etc.

With the help of this tool, you can also track your website’s performance using GT Metrix.


Ubersuggest is one of the best and most popular free SEO tools. A search engine ranking tool enables you to suggest keywords for your article, blog, website, etc.


Browseo is a powerful web-based application that, by stripping away all of a website’s graphic aesthetic, makes it easier for you to digest the text of a page swiftly. In addition to eliminating aesthetic distractions, Browseo draws attention to material that is beneficial to the search engine optimisation of that page.
It is a handy application that enables one to view any website like a search engine and emphasises fundamental SEO indicators.

Answer The Public

AnswerThePublic is a keyword tool that generates what is known as a search cloud, which is a graphic that visualises search questions together with suggested autocomplete searches. In addition to the 5 Ws, categories include the words “how,” “can,” “are,” and “which,” as well as “will.”

This website collects data to make it easier for writers to get ideas for blog articles. Specifically, the website collects and organises the terms individuals use while conducting online searches. The free version is available to anyone who wants it. Answer Both a graphical representation of the data and the raw data are provided by The Public. The free version of AnswerThePublic’s basic service allows users to do up to three daily searches.

Also Asked

This is another free SEO tool that comes highly recommended. is, without question, the greatest free keyword research tool available for investigating the queries that your site visitors are seeking answers to.


SEOquake is a free browser extension that offers organic search statistics with a press of a button. SEOquake, which is now compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, may offer parameters about search engine results page listings. SEOquake offers you vital SEO data for a given page and many other handy tools, such as SEO Audit.

Dofollow Link Checker

The Dofollow Link Checker helps you do a quick check to see if the links in a particular article or blog post are dofollow or nofollow. This will allow you to concentrate your link-building efforts on the articles and posts that offer do-follow links, which will impact your SEO efforts most.


CanIRank is a marketing software aimed to assist small businesses and non-profit organisations in analysing keyword difficulty and identifying chances for link building to improve page rankings. The tool enables administrators to begin ads by sorting keywords by search volume and cost per click (CPC).

CanIRank is the first SEO software to use artificial intelligence to provide actionable recommendations rather than only data. KWFinder’s keyword difficulty metric is (among) the most accurate available. Numerous case studies demonstrate that by utilising it, your keyword research will be based on relevant, dependable facts.


KWFinder is a tool for conducting keyword research for use in search engine marketing. It satisfies the requirement for keyword expansion, which is the generation of additional keywords on which to place a website. It offers an exclusive index value for the difficulty of SEO and insight into the competitive landscape of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.


One of the tools that can be used to obtain in-depth reports regarding the performance of a website is called GTMetrix. Naturally, it uses a mix of Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow to provide scores and recommendations; hence, the results you obtain should be accurate.


In conclusion, there are so many free SEO tools that can be used without a budget. The right SEO tools can help your website traffic soar in 2022 and beyond. By using the 25 free tools listed in this article, you can improve your website’s ranking on search engines, increase your social media following, and boost your website’s traffic. So what are you waiting for? Start using these tools today and see the results for yourself!

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