Top 5 WordPress Page Builders in 2024

Page builders are tools that allow you to design your website using drag-and-drop options instead of coding from scratch, unlike HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Page builders are effective tools that allow you to easily manage the content, design, and style of any page on your site.

WordPress page builders are a hot topic amongst WordPress user groups and forums. WordPress page builders are a great way to create a custom website quickly.

Using WordPress page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, or any other popular WordPress page builder tool gives 2x 2.5x more flexibility for editing your website content.

Are Page Builders Themes or Plugins?

That’s a tricky question in the modern context. Typically, page builders are plugins. However, they are supposed to work in conjunction with your theme; there are standalone page builders as well that do not require your themes to work. The Oxygen builder is such an example of a standalone page builder that does not need your theme to function. However, we can’t say page builders are themes. Almost all (in my knowledge) page builders are installed as plugins only.

Some plugins only depend on their brand of themes, such as Astra theme and Astra Pro plugin. The Astra Pro plugin will work for the Astra theme only.

New users coming from those two-page builder plugins find it challenging to find free themes and child themes, and they often end up jumping between free themes and premium ones.

Here is the list of the top 5 page builders for your WordPress website:



Elementor is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress page builders. This plugin’s key points are flexible styling options, a glitch-free interface, and a quick and powerful feature. The paid version has more on offer than mere page building, so start using it.

The top-quality interface, superb styling options, and plenty of other notable features like the WooCommerce builder, Popup building and Full theme building make it an ideal choice. Also, if you deactivate Elementor at any stage, it leaves behind clean code.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another popular plugin for WordPress, and it has been a stalwart page builder in the market for years. The best thing about this plugin is clean coding, popularity among end-users, and constant new updates or features.

The Beaver Builder offers a top-quality interface for the visual builder. Plenty of templates and widgets are also included within the plugin. Beaver Builder also gives users pretty good control over elements like responsive features and custom spacing. Like Elementor, this plugin also leaves behind clean code.

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Divi Builder

Divi Builder is another useful and popular page builder for WordPress websites. It’s a standard plugin that can be used with other themes easily. The best thing about Divi Builder is that it allows you to edit content using back-end and front-end interfaces.

With the recent version, full theme-building support is also added, making Divi Builder on par with the two plugins above. Divi Builder is unique, and this is what makes it so popular among WordPress website builders. The styling control that comes with this plugin makes it beneficial.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the new and revamped version of Thrive Content Builder. This new interface has much in common with Elementor, becoming popular among page builders. Thrive Architect is popular among affiliate marketers and bloggers; it focuses immensely on conversion rates.

The default styling features make this page builder stand out from the rest. Another smart feature with this plugin is setting up Page Events. Thrive Architect like Elementor and Beaver Builder eaves behind 100% clean code.

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is another hugely popular page builder. The page builder plugin is bundled with maximum themes from ThemeForest. Like some of the previously mentioned plugins, WPBakery Page Builder gives you both front-end and back-end editing.

However, WPBakery Page Builder has a limited styling option compared to other Page Builders. But on the whole, WPBakery Page Builder is a popular plugin for WordPress.

These are WordPress’s top five Page builders, used by millions worldwide today. Every website owner has a different requirement; the key here is to select Page Builder based on their need. Compare all the above features and use the best Page Builder for your WordPress site accordingly.

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